Dumbest CafePress abortion merchandise ever!

So, I stumbled onto the Shop CafePress website, where, according to the site, “the world turns for unique products that express what people love most.”

What do people love most?

I guess abortion, because the site has an entire line of T-Shirts, novelties, and apparel that say, “Abortion Sends Babies To God Faster.”


There is even a Teddy bear:






Thong? Really????



And, hey you can even dress your beloved pet in one:



Now, I do not know about you, but the statement that, “Abortion Sends Babies To God Faster,” is just in poor taste at best.

Yes, when you slaughter a baby in the womb, they will get to God faster but, come on, who would design and entire brand around such a slogan?

But, that’s not the best one- how about a “Proud Parent of an Aborted Fetus” bumper sticker- huh? Any takers?

Proud Parent Aborted Fetus

Or “Ask me about my abortion” T-shirt.

Come on, ask me – you know you want to!

Okay, I’ll bite, “Say….you look like someone I know- did I ever meet you at Planned Parenthood?


And, here’s one about Pro-choice Chicks!


Did I fail to mention that ^ is a magnet?

Not to be out done by the “Hatched by Choice” mug!


This one is called Pro-choice Infant Creeper– you decide!


And, if you’re into the whole racist eugenics Margaret Sanger/ Planned Parenthood theme how about this doozy:

Abortion: Because some people just shouldn’t breed magnet- stick that on your frig why don’t ya?


Kind of ironic that the above “breed” magnet sits right next to this one: Abortion is Black Genocide!


Hold on a sec- I might order that one! Oh…look there’s also a hat!


Another thong– what’s up? “Hey honey, I have a secret to tell you!


But- hey, it’s made in the USA!

WHOA – I gotta ask, Who would put this on their baby?


Well….there are several pages of abortion products on the CafePress website.

So, if you are into shopping for Abortion merchandise go and visit CafePress and although many of the products are ridiculous, some actually have good pro-life messages, although, you’ll have to look through some really dumb pro-choice ones to find them.

4 Responses to “Dumbest CafePress abortion merchandise ever!”

  1. We have some sick Monsters out there!

  2. Reminds me the “Anything goes!” “preached” by Charlie Hebdo.

  3. You’d think I would be beyond being amazed at what ludicrous things some people will get up to. But, no… here I am again, amazed.

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