3rd grader in China writes bizarre abortion fairy tale

TomoNews, which animates entertaining news on the internet has uploaded a video story that claims a 3rd grader in China wrote a fairy tale about a princess getting an abortion and living happily ever after.

Fairy Tale abortion

In the reported story a prince discovers that his newly married princess was pregnant after an affair with her ex boyfriend. The student writes that the prince then issues an ultimatum to his princess telling her she must choose between them and have an abortion. The so-called doctor the prince selects helps the princess to have an abortion by hitting her in her pregnant belly several times.

Unsure if the story was true, I was able to locate this blog post from the online magazine THAT’S China.

Fairytale abortion 1619b4a003

The details of the story according to THAT’S China reads as follows:

Under pressure from the king and queen to find a bride, a prince interviews all the beautiful girls in the kingdom, who have been summoned to the palace by his father. After an hour, he singles out the most comely of them all and resolves to wed her.

After they tie the knot, however, the princess heads out with a male friend one day. The prince later finds out that this palacewrecker is none other than her ex-boyfriend, and that she’s pregnant with his scandalously common child.

The prince then did what anyone on a good soap opera would: he asks her to choose between him and the ex. He helpfully lays out the two options: go with the ex and get a divorce, or go with him and get an abortion.

After the princess decides to stay in the royal marriage, the prince sends for a renowned doctor to perform the abortion on her. The procedure goes something like this: they give the princess some anesthetics and then pound her stomach 20 times.

Two days later, with the bothersome baby out of the picture, the prince and princess live happily ever after. (Aww…)

Although we’re not certain what the 9-year-old’s inspiration was, our guess is some unholy mash-up of dating shows and Chinese costume drama.

The story was also picked up by China.org.

This is indeed a disturbing story for a third grader to write. Some speculate, the child came up with the script after watching Chinese television.

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