Church hosting Planned Parenthood abortion celebration responds to pro-life critics

After I published the story that a Wichita church will be hosting a celebration of abortion for Planned Parenthood, Christians across the country were appalled.

The church, St. James Episcopal Church is hosting a “fundraiser” for Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid Missouri on January 22, 2015, the anniversary of the 42nd Roe V. Wade Supreme Court decision which legalized abortion on demand.

They are calling the event: Chili for Choice. By definition, “choice” in the Planned Parenthood world indicates a right to kill a human baby in the womb for any reason at any stage of pregnancy.

PP Chili for Choice

A man named David, who called the church told them he plans to protest the event.

He posted his entire phone conversation online:

The church claims that the Wichita Planned Parenthood has never done abortions, so they feel that gives them the okay to hold a fundraiser for them.

However, a screen grab of the Planned Parenthood – Wichita website shows they clearly refer for abortion:

PP Wichita Abortion

David is not the only one calling the church, Pam Nickel posted her calls on YouTube as well. You can listen to her calls here.

Kansas reports that 7,479 were performed in the state in 2013, the last date they have published stats.

According to the most recent national abortion stats, in 2011, Guttmacher, reports that 1.06 million abortions were performed nationally.

Guttmacher abortion 2011

According to Planned Parenthood’s latest stats, they killed 327,653 unborn children in just one year.

To “celebrate” this, Planned Parenthood is organizing events across the country.

A list of some of those “celebrations” is located here.

2 Responses to “Church hosting Planned Parenthood abortion celebration responds to pro-life critics”

  1. Let those babies CHOOSE.
    By Samuel A. Nigro, MD , 2005, updated October 2010

    To kill a human DNA microscopic unique creature during a dignifying universal environmental phase of existence which every human creature had to go through, in these days of microsurgery, tool miniaturization, nanotechnology, molecule identification, and chemical manipulation is indefensible rationalizing, is sinful self-injurious failure to accept responsibility for one’s own choices and actions, and is a pagan sinful primitive murder not belonging in the 21st century. “Created equal” (where did that come from), the human DNA creature deserves the same chances you and I had when we were there. A human creature’s existence should not be the willful choice of another human DNA creature. To destroy the destiny of another is a psychopathic outrage. And to force physicians to do this is slavery against the 14th and 8th amendments. There is no reason judges, attorneys, editors and politicians could not do the abortions themselves—let them do it. Hell, let the baby’s father do it—and save health care dollars—Planned Parenthood can have a walk-in, do-it-yourself low cost program. And to promote embryonic stem cell research is nothing but contemporary cannibalism.

    In addition, PERSONHOOD is not just “self-awareness” but “self-awareness squared” or “conscious of consciousness” or C2 –the ability to know beyond simple awareness and therefore one knows that one knows. This is a unique quality of humans which separates them from subhuman animals. This “aware of being aware” is innately pro-self and pro-species, in both biochemical and psychological senses. FROM THE MOMENT OF CONCEPTION, the biochemical developmental forces are undeniably self-aware/self-developing for oneself and for the species! (and this is intrinsic to the human DNA creature). These developmental forces, biological and psychological, for awareness of being aware (C2) are what constitute personhood when transcendentally intact i.e., the forces are confluent with matter, identity, truth, oneness, good and beauty—what one is “through (per) the sound (sonare).” Such personhood is present from the moment of conception because normal developing biochemistry makes it so just as the biochemistry makes it so when we are asleep, comatose, intoxicated or anesthetized.

    Any one who has stopped being pro-self/pro-species has depersonalized himself and has likely lost C2—and the most common occurrence of that are abortionists and all who believe in abortion, and thereby have become without personhood themselves. Thus those for abortion should be asked if they would object to being aborted themselves when the time was right for it.

    Finally, EVOLUTION (if you believe in it), is totally rejected by abortion (and contraception for that matter). If LIFE is the result of the random reproductive process and the natural selection of new adaptations, to kill the unborn and use contraception are insane anti-evolutionary acts totally incompatible with species advancement consistent with life development up to now. Against evolution, both contraception and abortion are public health hazards.

  2. norbert J St Pierre Says:

    If one does not believe in God, the creator, they will not believe the truth spoken or written my mere man.

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