Al Sharpton’s many visits to the White House where he met with Obama

Every station you turn to appears to have a headline which includes the name Al Sharpton.

Al SHarpton 232_306x423

Sharpton, is the president of the National Action Network and is considered by some to be a spokesperson for issues relating to the Black community. Sharpton has a long history of stirring up the race rhetoric, most recently, in Ferguson, Missouri after the police shooting death of Michael Brown. Sharpton organizers rallied up and down the country where protesters marched and chanted, Black Lives Matter, and Hands up don’t shoot in protest.

Shortly after the death of Eric Garner who died during his arrest in New York, Sharpton upped his rhetoric and soon the “I can’t breathe” chants were heard around the nation.

Sharpton and his protesters have been supported by the Obama administration, the Mayor of New York and others.

Given that the heated rhetoric may have provoked a lone gunman to execute two New York police officers this week, I thought I’d take a look at the visitor logs at the White House to see how often Al Sharpton visited and it was astonishing.

As best as I can deduct, under the name “Al Sharpton” he went to the White House 13 times from 2009 to 2011. Nine out of those 13 visits were to POTUS an acronym for President of the United States and one was with Valerie Jarrett.

Al Sharpton White House visits

There were 69 visits between 2009 to 2014 under the name Alfred Sharpton, or ALlfred C. Sharpton which I am assuming is Rev. Al Sharpton.

Out of those visits at least 43 were to POTUS or president Obama. Other visits were to Heather Foster, Valerie Jarrett, Charlie Fromstein, Jon Carson, David Axelrod, among others.

Alfred Sharpton WHite House 14 thru 28 Visits

Alfred Sharpton WH Visits 29 thru

Alfred Sharpton WH Visits  42 thru 56

Alfred Sharpton WH Visits 57 thru 72

Alfred Sharpton WH visits 73 thru 82

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