Baby Bump Bowls offered by Planned Parenthood which profits from abortion

Every time I think that abortion giant Planned Parenthood has finally surprised me with their hypocrisy I discover something else that takes the cake.

Do you remember when Planned Parenthood, which does hundreds of thousands of abortions annually, was selling baby onesies?


The idea of an organization which profits off the killing of unborn children selling baby clothes was pretty astonishing at the time.

That is, until today !

Now, the number one provider of abortions has the perfect gift idea:

Baby Bump Bowls !

According to Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio, and Planned Parenthood of Northeast Ohio, this inspiring gift is, “made from the cast of a pregnant woman’s belly, this high-quality, hand made ceramic bowl preserves one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life – the birth of her child.

Uh…excuse me? Did the seller of abortions just call the birth of a child the most exciting time in a woman’s life?

Baby Bump PP Ohio

Planned Parenthood continues, “The Baby Bump Bowl package includes: A kit with everything you need to cast the pregnant belly. Detailed instructions and personal information card.”

This unique-to-killers-of-unborn children, gift is a creation of Planned Parenthood volunteer Cheryl Weinstein, who, “creates unique ceramic bowls complete with your color of choice and a personal inscription.”

Babp Bump Card Planned Parenthood

PP Baby Bump Bowl

In case you think Planned Parenthood has gone soft on their promotion of child killing in the womb, think again!

Each “Baby Bump” package purchased nets Planned Parenthood $95 which they can then use to push abortion !!!

5 Responses to “Baby Bump Bowls offered by Planned Parenthood which profits from abortion”

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  2. So, if I’m understanding your logic correctly, because planned parenthood provides abortions then they shouldn’t be allowed to do anything positive for children?

    How about the NRA stops all their youth programs since they profit from the death of children killed by firearms?

    How about the Catholic church stop allowing children to come to church since they profit from pedophiles?

    How about the GOP step down from their responsible positions on human rights since they condone torture?

    All these things should come to pass in the black and white world of your moral high-ground.

    The orchestrated rightwing hate for planned parenthood is just as phony as their beloved benghazi scandal. It motivates the base, even though it’s built on lies.

    • saynsumthn Says:

      Yes – that is exactly my logic- Planned Parenthood profits from baby killing and they promote and push baby killing in the womb. The NRA has never pushed child executions from firearms- not event understanding your logic there. The Catholic church did not profit from pedophilia – they did cover it up like- oh yeah Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby does today see But, I guess snice there is no orchestrated cover-up of Planned Parenthood by the left- you already know how they protect pedophiles. Right?

    • Thank you!! It’s a fallacy.

      Planned Parenthood literally has parenthood in their name.
      Gynecological care is not solely prenatal care, nor should it be.
      I’d totally buy a PP onesie. 🙂

  3. exposesexednow Says:

    Reblogged this on Expose Sex Ed Now!.

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