Abortion doctor admits he regretted decision to abort his child

In March 1983, OB-GYN and former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson sat down with Canada’s notorious abortionist Henry Morgentaler who helped overturn Canada’s abortion law, to discuss complex issues surrounding abortion on CHCH’s television program “Cherington”.

Morgentaler and Bernard Nathanson

In a clip of the show posted below, Morgentaler who died recently shatters the pro-“choice” perception that women do not regret their abortions.

Morgentaler abortion doc

Morgentaler tells Nathanson, “I’ll make a confession to you, when I was a medical student in Montreal, I had one girl already which was two years old, and my wife got pregnant while I was a medical student, a poor medical student, and we decided that she should have an abortion. And she did have an abortion under very sordid conditions. Fortunately, it was done by a doctor. Now we regretted that but it was the right decision.

Bernard Nathanson

Nathanson then asked the abortionist to elaborate on the statement that he regretted the abortion.

Morgantaler responded, “Many women do regret the fact that unfortunately the context of the situation is such that at this point in time we cannot provide the mothering and care which a child needs.”

Morgantaler agreed with the panel that there was a lot of sorrow attached to abortion and that it is not a happy decision for the woman.

Watch the interaction below:

4 Responses to “Abortion doctor admits he regretted decision to abort his child”

  1. A great clip. It’s ironic that when he was a medical student, Dr. Nathanson aborted his own child when his 19-year-old girl friend became pregnant. He revealed this after he became pro-life.

  2. scepticalrecepticle Says:

    ubepetrusest… it wasn’t Nathanson whose wife aborted his own child, it was Morgentaler….and he never became pro-life. As far as I recall, he remained a baby killer right up to the end of his life.

  3. scepticalrecepticle Says:

    Actually, I stand corrected… apparently Nathanson did abort his own child. As for Mortgentaler, it looks like they hired someone else to do it.

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