Graphic Bro-choice vid shows forced abortion in mobile clinic van

Another video on YouTube promotes the Bro-choice mentality that if a woman is pregnant she should be forced to have an abortion.

Brochoicers are pro-choice men who favor abortion !

Mobile Ab Clinic Vid

The video highlights Andre’s Mobile Abortion Clinic which will was started after Andre’s girlfriend became pregnant a number of times, “I founded this business 14 years ago when my girlfriend was pregnant for the 8th time, and no clinic would abort her baby without her consent and I ain’t hav’n none of that,” Andre the abortion clinic CEO says.

Mobile Ab Clinic Vid Andres none of that

The abortion clinic’s slogan, “Pregnant today – Happy Tomorrow! Three months, nine months who gives a sh** we’ll find ya! ”

Mobile Ab Clinic Vid Andres


In true Brochoice style the vid demonstrates their “services” by kidnapping a pregnant woman off the street.

Mobile Ab Clinic Vid kidnap

She yells “My Baby” before they force her into their mobile abortion clinic van and murder her child.

Mobile Ab Clinic Vid Baby dead

Mobile Ab Clinic Vid Baby dead 2

Sadly, the reality is that abortions are performed on women against their will or when coerced and it happens far too many times as has been documented in a report by the pro-life group Life Dynamics ( read here).

Mobile Ab Clinic Vid Baby dead 3

Watch the entire vid below- warning graphic images and language !

3 Responses to “Graphic Bro-choice vid shows forced abortion in mobile clinic van”

  1. exposesexednow Says:

    Reblogged this on Expose Sex Ed Now!.

  2. These men are vile creatures. I will pray for God to soften their hearts, so they will hopefully realize how wrong they are. Abortion is murder, and there is never a good reason for anyone to murder an innocent child pre-born or otherwise. God commanded us to not kill, and I believe that we should take that commandment to heart. Thou shalt not kill. Pray for the lost souls for they know not what they do.

  3. Roscoe P. Coletrane Says:

    Sarah, relax. This is satire at its greatest (their videos, and your comment, too).
    These guys are idiots. But, their “vile” actions actually show a true reality for many women. If I were you, I’d pray for the women out there who find themselves pregnant and without options. Forget about these guys. Don’t waste your time.

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