Annoying abortion supporters outside clinic won’t shut up

In what seems to be a new but I will predict short-lived strategy to thwart the efforts of pro-life sidewalk counselors, abortion supporters have switched up their tactics.

In a few places around the country pro-choicers have decided that mocking pro-lifers will somehow chase them away.

Here is another example- warning- you will be annoyed :

4 Responses to “Annoying abortion supporters outside clinic won’t shut up”

  1. Yes, it is annoying. And it’s ironic–but not surprising–that this is much more disruptive to both prolifers and abortion clients than the usual prolife presence with prayers or signs.

    The potty mouths of the harrassers show what is in their hearts.

  2. Anomous Says:

    They aren’t annoying and you don’t know they support abortion. Pro Lifers are the annoying ones, because they ARE harrassing women who get abortions. Do you know what makes the fetus’s heart beat? The women. So be quiet.

  3. Davan S. Mani Says:

    I don’t see a difference. White supremacy is what you both support.

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