Racist abortion supporter “I hope they kill all the white babies” attacks pro-lifers with water gun

A video uploaded a month ago shows a black abortion supporter threatening pro-lifers outside an abortion clinic with her water gun, using expletives, racist rants, and displaying her hatred toward Christianity.

Water Gun abortion

Her vicious and hateful attack was not only caught on camera but was uploaded under the video title, “Best way to deal with pro-lifers.”

Now, I understand that this is a water gun- but- why is it that a video called “the best way to deal with pro-lifers” which involves the use of any gun- is not being denounced by the pro-choice and reproductive rights community?

Water Gun abortion lady

In the vid, the woman dances around asking protesters if they “like her gun” and repeatedly fires on them.

The woman uses vulgarity and racist attacks against whites over and over again.

At one point she is asked by the pro-lifers to not “swear to a God you don’t know, ma’am“, and replies, “I don’t f***’in believe in your God cause He white with Lilly hair.”

Water Gun abortion lady racist

She also tells the protesters, “My standard is not F-ing with White people.”

The woman has a lot of anger inside her and continues her violent rant and even attacks the protesters – then begins to steal their signs:

Water Gun abortion lady steals signs

In my opinion, one of the protesters appears to get frustrated with the woman calling her evil which doesn’t do anything to calm her down.

But- the pro-choice black lady is very hostile and violent and seems to hate whites calling this Your Country which she says made her sterile. Given the ties that the abortion industry has to eugenics one wonders if there could be some truth to the forced sterilization claim, however, the same people who forcefully sterilized black women are the ones now targeting them in the womb.

Water Gun abortion lady 3

The bitterness of this abortion supporter toward God and Christianity is also apparent when she grabs her crouch to further slander the beliefs of the protesters who begin preaching to her.

Water Gun abortion lady grabs crotch

After being told that she was killing black babies by taking a relative to the abortion clinic she says, “I hope they kill all the white babies,” as she turns her rear end disrespectfully to the pro-life preacher.

Water Gun abortion lady mooning

You can watch the entire pro-abortion display in the video below but be warned it is verbally graphic , explicit, and offensive. I would encourage everyone that does watch, to pray that this woman is healed from her anger and finds God’s love.

4 Responses to “Racist abortion supporter “I hope they kill all the white babies” attacks pro-lifers with water gun”

  1. exposesexednow Says:

    Reblogged this on Expose Sex Ed Now!.

  2. Adrian Streetpreacher Jones Says:

    Can somebody say demon!!!……God bless these mighty men of God for standing up for life and the unborn children who are being killed by abortion in this country!!!!!!

  3. The things this pro-lifer, this man, is saying to her bother me more than what SHE is saying. She is a pro-abort. I expect them to act badly. But to repeatedly call her evil, try to cast a devil out of her…why? that has no doubt incited her and pushed her farther away from the pro=life cause. What did he think he was going to accomplish?He should have said, Calm down, let’s talk, do you understand why we are out here? Please listen” And if she continued to rant, not engage and just ignore her. As a pro-lifer, he was wrong too I judge the pro-lifers more harshly than pro-choicers because from a pro-abort, I expect that kind of outburst. Calling her evil certainly did no good in this situation, it just was a self-rightout litany that no doubt egged her on. I am really disappointed with the way he handled it. She’s going to walk away not challenged, with her beliefs of abortion confirmed. He should have shown her God’s LOVE not his JUDGEMENT. Unconditional love and compassion should have been what he showed. He could have asked God to bless her, not label her as evil.

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