Black Planned Parenthood employee refers to unborn child as “The Pregnancy” pitches abortion as good

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Another Planned Parenthood vid uses a Black woman to pitch abortion as “good” and refers to her unborn children as “The Pregnancy.”

Shawanna used by PP

In the newest marketing ploy, Shawanna says that she was young when she became pregnant and went to Planned Parenthood.

She says that the eugenics founded abortion clinic chain gave her three options, as she describes, “Keeping the pregnancy, adoption or abortion.” Shawanna chose abortion claiming, “It was the best option for me at the time…it was the best decision.”

Shawanna worked for PP

Shawanna claims that after she aborted “The Pregnancy” her life became better because she got to finish going to school and became a certified nurses assistant who went on to work for the abortion giant.

Shawanna says she got pregnant again and was really happy the second time around and this time she kept “The Pregnancy.”

Shawanna PP second preg

It is strange for a woman to refer to her unborn child as “The Pregnancy” until you realize that the person works for the largest chain of abortion clinics in the nation, Planned Parenthood. After all, keeping women and especially Black women in the dark about what “The Pregnancy” is helps accomplish their population control goals.

3 Responses to “Black Planned Parenthood employee refers to unborn child as “The Pregnancy” pitches abortion as good”

  1. exposesexednow Says:

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  2. finishstrongdoc Says:

    She said PP gave her three options: keep the baby, adoption, or abortion. They forgot the fourth option: die from abortion. If it’s a “sisterhood,” then ALL those sisters who have been killed by abortionists should be included in that sisterhood. Then add into the sisterhood all the little sisters who were untimely ripped from their “mother’s” womb. I put “mother’s” in quotes because if we’re going to now start calling the unborn person “the pregnancy,” we’re going to have to invent a new term for women who abort their babies. Cue the soft music in the background.

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