Morbid video series portrays pro-lifer as a judgmental terrorist

Written by Saynsumthn Blog

Asult Wed Addams

A morbid video series called Adult Wednesday Addams has jumped on the abortion and Planned Parenthood train. In Episode six, Adult Wednesday Adams visits Planned Parenthood where she portrays a pro-lifer as a judgmental terrorist.

Adult Wed Adams PP

When told that if she walks through the door of the abortion clinic she’d be entering the devil’s playground Adult Wednesday Addams verbally goes at the fake pro-lifer in a creeping and macabre fashion, “If Satan is providing me a dose of Plan B, he’s really lost his edge,” she says.

Adult Wednesday Addams was created by improv comedian Melissa Hunter and has been featured on NYLON, Buzzfeed, HelloGiggles, and the Hairpin, among others. Hunter places her creations on her youtube channel each week.

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