Pro-life sign vandalized in Illinois

A sign that was put up by pro-lifers in Illinois has been vandalized.

In April of 2014 the pro-life sign was placed on the property of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Freeport, Ill.

It was a simple sign showing a beautiful baby with the print reading “Take my hand, not my life.”

Sign prolife vandalized

According to the group, “We first noticed a heart scratched into the sign itself; then we saw some type of defacing of the baby’s face, and thirdly we noticed that on the upper right side of the sign something had been used to pound upon it and made dents in that particular area.”


This sign was put in place to help women in need of assistance during an unplanned pregnancy. The name and number of a local pregnancy center is on the sign and we have received information stating that women have come to the center for help because they either saw this sign or one of the similar signs placed in the Freeport area. It’s a sad state of affairs when the pro-abortion (pro-choice) advocates will not even tolerate an organization offering to give help and support to mothers and their babies,” the group writes.

Although pro-lifers were able to clean up most of the sign this is not the first time they have been targeted.

Other pro-life signs have been a defaced by pro-choice vandals.


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