Planned Parenthood’s aggressive marketing ticks off Tweeter

A woman on Twitter who called Planned Parenthood’s canvassers “aggressive” claims that the abortion giant told her she could be put on their do not call register for a donation.

According to her tweets, Hannah Shaffer said that she asked Planned Parenthood not to call weekly about donations.

In response, she claims the abortion giant told her that if she lost her right to choose [abortion] she’d only have herself to blame.

Then in true WE CAN MAKE A BUCK OFF ANYTHING Planned Parenthood style when she asked Planned Parenthood to remove her from their call list she was told, “I could be added to a “Do Not Call” list for $$/month donation.

Person Tweets DNC list

The woman also tweeted this about Planned Parenthood, “For an organization that supports women you sure do love using canvassers for aggressive street harassment.”

PP Canvassers Street

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2 Responses to “Planned Parenthood’s aggressive marketing ticks off Tweeter”

  1. exposesexednow Says:

    Reblogged this on Expose Sex Ed Now!.

  2. Hannah’s said it very well. Glad she spoke up.

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