Did some in Ireland March for Choice or to kill Babies ?

In Ireland, abortion advocates organized what they call a March For Choice. The march was organized by the Abortion Rights Campaign.


I guess, they have not received the memo that the term is no longer pro-choice – but – reproductive rights as USA advocates for child killing now use.

However – a video of the march shows their ideology:

A sign carried in the march reads “Forced Pregnancy is Torture.”

Forced Pregnancy Torture

Never mind that abortion tortures the unborn child through dismemberment and other horrific methods.

The march was held in Dublin on September 27th and was their third March for Choice.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Clare Daly, a prominent Irish Politician, told the marchers that ” We’re here for the right to choose, for the right to have an abortion but also for the right to have children, when we want and how we want, to raise them in dignity and without fear of poverty“.

Another marcher said that “Reproductive rights [ i.e. killing children in the womb] are human rights.”

I’m kind of sick of the church telling us what to do,” said another abortion marcher.


One marcher held a sign saying, “Girls just wanna to have fun…. Shameful!

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