Duck fetus turned delicacy?

It is called balut but is is a duck embryo turned delicacy !


The National Geographic promo reads,”To many Westerners, Asia has more than its share of suspicious-looking foods. But it’s a good bet that there’s nothing as popular while at the same time as utterly shocking to outsiders. Could you eat the fetus of a duck…just days from hatching?

The documentary covers strange foods and it highlights what people are eating in the Philippines.

Shockingly- they eat fertilized duck eggs.

Duck Embryo


They believe it is an aphrodisiac.

The narrator describes the delicacy, the duck embryos have, “eyes, a beak, even feathers. Almost complete enough to quack.

Eating Duck Embryo

Turns my stomach…..

Americans are mostly turned off to the food.

However, in an ironic twist- many Americans support killing humans just days from birth – through abortion.

Not making a comparison on the value of humans vs. animals just pointing out the contradictions as “Food” for thought !

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