Mayor to anti-abortion activist: I have no greater admiration than anyone who stands up against evil

After several weeks of protesting outside a high school in Little Elm, Texas, and anti-abortion activist who was the target of the local media and parents who opposed his tactics has received support from a high ranking political figure.

For weeks anti-abortion abolitionist Todd Bullis, founder of the Abolitionist Society of Little Elm, has positioned himself in front of Little Elm High School, located just outside the Dallas metroplex to show kids what an abortion really looks like.

Todd Bullis school.

Bullis’ signs outside the school were described as graphic because they depicted aborted children.

Bullis became the target of a few outraged parents, who organized a counter protest which was caught on camera by a local Dallas TV station.

The parents, in an attempt to mock Bullis, labeled themselves the Goofy Sign Brigade, and held up silly signs meant to deter from Bullis’ impact.

Parents 2


Goofy Sign Brigade


Hillock David - Flag_Lg But, in an ironic twist, the attention meant to discourage Bullis has instead brought him support from Little Elm’s highest ranking politician, Mayor David Hillock.

Last Sunday, Mayor Hillock agreed to speak at Bullis’ church to address the controversy.

He began his speech by describing a former battle in this nation where people spoke out and where some became uncomfortable, the battle for freedom and civil rights for African Americans in America.

People were uncomfortable, people took sides,” Mayor Hillock explained about that fight for freedom, “People were killed over that one, but we don’t have to do that anymore.”

But people are still dying in this country,” said the Mayor, “just real little people, because people aren’t standing up for what they believe in.”

Today, in Little Elm,” the Mayor continued, “we’re contending with one [movement] that’s much the same, the abolition of abortion. Mr. Bullis and his family have taken a lot of grief in the past couple of weeks. But, they’ve taken it for the wrong reason. People aren’t opposed necessarily to the idea that Todd was trying to support they were upset about the way the message was presented.

The mayor then said he did not really believe with the way the counter protesters reacted to Bullis but that his job was to protect the Constitution and free speech.

He pointed out that if there had been a sign with butterflies that said “God loves you” the town would have had just as many people upset that there was a sign near the school that said God loves you. He also said that in America, you don’t have a right to not be offended and said he provided those complaining with a map on how they could drive to another entrance to avoid where Bullis was standing, stating that the comments that parents had that Bullis’ graphic abortion victim signs would scar their kids for life was kind of funny.

He then warned that there can be a risk if the message, albeit a good one, has a bad delivery.

But, Mayor Hillock returned to the issue at hand, and concluded, “Holding a sign on a corner is not extreme, even though it may be offensive to some. Holding a sign on a corner means you’re standing up for something. And, I will tell you the one thing I got out of this….finally, a man stood up for something in this country- we’re missing that. I have no greater admiration than anyone who stands up against evil. I also admire the strength that it takes to exercise the delivery of that message.”

Listen to the full speech here:

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