Woman sedated during abortion claims she heard baby cry

This emotional video claims that a woman who went for a two day abortion procedure knew her unborn child was a girl.

According to the video, uploaded by Julia Gallardo, “her friend” was sedated during the abortion but claims that she heard her baby cry.

She then insists that the baby was never murdered by the abortion and is alive and well – and warns other women that any woman having a two-day abortion procedure may not be killing her child but the child may very well be alive.

Julia Gallardo

There is no proof that the woman’s claims are true. Given her emotional state in the video- it almost looks as though she is speaking of herself in the third person.

What is clear is that she is emotionally affected by abortion….watch and judge for yourself.

There are no other updates available that I can locate.

2 Responses to “Woman sedated during abortion claims she heard baby cry”

  1. Angela Wittman Says:

    Reblogged this on Christian Pro-Life News and commented:
    So sad! You can see the angst and heartbreak on this mother’s face. This is the real face of a post abortive mother. I pray women and girls will not buy into the lie that abortion is an easy way out of a difficult problem. It isn’t – it will only make things worse for you.

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