Sick pro-choice challenge: Eat a taco – drink beer- raise money for Abortion

Yesterday I wrote about how pro-life people are creating their own ice bucket challenge which does not support abortion.

Now…pro-choice people are getting into the mix by creating the Taco and Beer Challenge:

Andrea Grimes over at RH Reality blog has started the challenge to raise funds to kill babies with abortion.

Grimes writes, “The Taco or Beer Challenge couldn’t be simpler: You eat a taco and/or drink a beer, and you donate to an abortion fund. The only ice you’ll need for this challenge is the ice in your cooler, or maybe the ice in your water if you get a particularly spicy taco.”

Taco and Bear Challenge

Grimes, continues, “What I do know is that eating tacos and drinking beer is more pleasurable than getting doused with ice water, and that lawmakers around the country are passing increasingly restrictive anti-abortion access laws. Which means abortion funds are now more necessary than ever as legal abortion becomes harder than ever to access—especially for those of us who don’t live in major urban centers.

Grimes seems delighted to state that “Abortion is common. Abortion is normal…There’s nothing shameful about having an abortion, and nothing shameful about funding abortion. It’s so not-shameful, in fact, that you can be the kind of regular ol’ human being who eats a taco or drinks a beer and funds abortion… The Taco or Beer Challenge is about doing what’s right for your own taco and beverage needs, just like having an abortion—or not—is about doing what’s right for yourself and your family.

She urges her baby killing followers to to take a photo or a video, mention where they donated, and Tweet it to #TacoOrBeerChallenge.

Grimes claims she started the challenge as a joke- but many on Twitter seem to think she is serious:


Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

Screenshot 5


Screenshot 6

And these pro-choice people are serious about making a joke out of killing babies – as many babies as they can !

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