Texas Wendy Davis is MIA on Abortion Law Court Case

This week in Austin a federal judge is hearing testimony from abortion providers who filed a lawsuit to stop implementation of HB2, a strict abortion law which has closed half the clinics in Texas.

All the players were outside the courthouse….but one appears to be missing in action!

There was the pro-life side



There was the pro-choice side, most prominent was a group called Stop Patriarchy.





But one person appears to me missing – Abortion Barnie – Wendy Davis.

Wendy Davis Poster

It was Wendy Davis’ support of the late term bill HB 2 that made Wendy Davis famous. Davis filibustered in the Texas legislature wearing her now infamous pink tennis shoes in a failed attempt to defeat the bill from passing.


A quick look at Wendy’s Facebook page reveals nothing about HB 2 in the courts from the now Texas Gubernatorial candidate. Her Twitter page is also surprisingly quiet as well.

Kind of odd that the abortion super star, willing to stand for hours nearly a year ago, is now no where to be found when the bill she tried to thwart because it would end abortion past 20 weeks, is being heard in a Texas courtroom.

Unless…Wendy Davis has figured out that support of abortions in Texas is not going to help her get elected. Hmmmmm….

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