Abortion doctor claims Abortion is ‘a Sacred Decision’

Willie Parker Abortion Sacred 2Abortionist Willie Parker is at it again calling child killing ‘a Sacred Decision’

He claims there is a minority of “folks opposing abortion on religious grounds.”

Hogwash….these people advocating this are profiting off child killing- period ! Willie Parker is an ABORTIONIST! He is using the name of religion to promote his career.

In fact, Parker is in agreement with the Church of Satan which also supports abortion. read here and here!

Read more on Parker here: “Abortion Ministry?” – Using God to pitch child killing

More on people calling abortion sacred here

5 Responses to “Abortion doctor claims Abortion is ‘a Sacred Decision’”

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  4. […] abortionist who once called abortion sacred and claims to be a Christian has made several more stunning statements […]

  5. […] to say that abortion is okay because this African American doctor, who says he’s a Christian and passionate about women and babies says he’s doing “compassionate” […]

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