NAACP leader: right to abortion same as right to eat at lunch counter? Really?

Julian Bond March for WOmen

NAACP board member Julian Bond is heard in this vid saying that the right to abortion is the same as the right to eat at a lunch counter.

Note: Reproductive freedom = abortion rights !

“I am proud to appear today on behalf of the country’s oldest and largest civil rights organization the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. And one of the most important protections is the right to reproductive freedom. Open and equal access to family planning has been NAACP policy since 1968. We believe the right to reproductive freedom is as basic as the right to eat at the lunch counter. The right to choose is under vigorous and widespread attack providers around the country are forced to pay a cruel terrorism tax to protect themselves from murderers and assassins,” Bond says.

So this:


Is the same as this?



Abortion kills black women:

Tonya Reaves LDI Brochure img406


Learn how racist abortion is at

4 Responses to “NAACP leader: right to abortion same as right to eat at lunch counter? Really?”

  1. Seriously?! Submitting to invasive surgery that deliberately, premeditatedly and barbarically slaughters an innocent child and endangers the mother’s life and health is on a par with eating lunch at a diner? WHAT THE HELL IS THAT DINER SERVING, AND WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD WANT TO EAT THERE?!

    The NAACP’s unholy alliance with Planned Parenthood is what has earned them the name, National Association for the Abortion of Colored People, but instead of owning it and rejecting PP and its agenda, they have sought to legally threaten one of their own race who had the integrity and cujones to call them what they have sadly become. If there were any laughter in hell, then Margaret Sanger would be ROFLHAO at this coup, as it was quite in line with getting black leaders to promote her agenda of abolishing their own race.

    Need proof? Go to, and watch the movie. All of it. Set aside a few hours, pour a tall glass of your bracing beverage or choice, and watch and learn. Oh, and keep a pen and pad handy for making notes…

    • Alan Barysh Says:

      If you can not see that having control over your body is a civil right shame on you! it is not about a fascist like M.Sanger. Hitler a bigger killer had both genocide and his League against Abortion and homosexuality. Abortion was outlawed in Nazi Germany. If a woman had a child who died in child birth it was investigated by the Nazis Study history not the crap by Christian Fascists from some hogwash web site.

      Oh and abortion is no more invasive than having a tooth pulled if done quickly when the FETUS is about this size…….SO IS A FETUS WORTH THE LIFE OF A WOMAN?

  2. Reblogged this on What you Don't Know… and commented:
    The dearth of morality in some Black people is a direct result of allowing themselves to be politically abused by Democrats for generations. I remember communists (neighbors of ours) ardently trying to recruit my parents by pointing out that living in “the projects” was the white man keeping us down. It is also noteworthy that our neighbors were White!
    I have come to believe that the Civil Rights movement was a move of G-d that became corrupted by people who would be able to advance their dark agenda while marching with Dr. King.
    The righteous drum major was replaced by those who saw money and power in the movement and Civil Rights became a political animal, used to keep Black people in check for generations. Breaking families up, watching to be sure they voted democrat, building abortion mills in depressed areas, and collecting the blood money to shore up their little empires.
    We were lulled into a gentle maelstrom that was deep, wide, and slow moving. So we slavishly followed the false drum major who promised dignity, voting rights, good schools and housing. But we left our first love who kept us through slavery, Jesus our Messiah! We traded our manhood, our love for one another, sacrificed our children, put our women out front to do what men were called to do, and went along with a program that said it was OK to be immoral.
    I feel I may be rambling here, so let me end with this: What the Black community is experiencing now is a direct result of abandoning the G-d who made us all and who gave us the noble purpose of reconciliation of all men to G-d.
    L-rd help us all.

  3. Alan Barysh Says:

    I see in the silly little picture of an aborted WHITE fetus you really stepped in your own sludge. What’s the matter couldn’t find a Black fetus.? Just sing this song to the tune of Jesus Loves The Little Children “Jesus Loves the white male fetus! White male fetus of the world. White or male or male and white either way it’s quite all right! Jesus loves the white male fetus of the world!” Oh and look how small that fetus is! That thing is more important than the life of a woman! Oh and where is the woman in the picture. Is shee just a non thinking incubator?

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