Is NAF’s exclusive membership harming women seeking abortion?

Today, the National Abortion Federation, a select group of abortion providers who meet a special standard of care approved by NAF, has posted their support for the challenge to a new law enacted last year by the Texas legislature (HB2).

NAF Supports opposition to HB2

The National Abortion Federation which funnels many abortion referrals to their paying abortion clinic members nationwide has an exclusive club of abortion clinics which they can approve or reject.

Supposedly – NAF bases this “list” on abortion clinics which comply with their Clinical Policy Guidelines

NAF Clinical Guidlelines

But, I have to ask, why is it that when the abortion industry publishes an exclusive list of members and excludes other abortion clinics we do not hear the cry that women will die because they will not be informed of clinics in closer proximately to them from NAF?

After all, the talking points on HB2 is that women will be limited in abortion services if the state increases safety standards which force abortion clinics to close. So, if women can’t even get the list of open abortion clinics from the mother-ship of abortion themselves, the National Abortion Federation, wouldn’t NAF be contributing to the alleged avalanche of unsafe/ illegal abortions headed our way?

NAF Texas August 2014

Even Planned Parenthood has criticized how the new Texas law will reduce distribution of abortion providers, yet NAF excludes many providers from their list.

NAF opposes HB2 and any effort to force abortion clinics to comply with the same standards as other ambulatory surgical centers. However, they claim that not all abortion clinics out there are “good enough” to meet their loose standards. This should alarm women. If NAF, an organization which profits from abortion, segregates some clinics from others – shouldn’t the state, which represents the people be allowed to do the same?

I collected a list of abortion clinics published by the Texas Department of State Health Services as of June of 2014.

Of the clinics licensed in June- some were NAF members and some were not.

Shouldn’t NAF list every Texas abortion clinic so women will have full access and not be forced to travel for miles to seek abortion services?

It is clear that NAF profits off being exclusive and therefore will never do women the alleged service of listing all Texas or national abortion clinics on their website, as I demonstrate below:

Abortion clinics licensed and open as of June 2014
TX Clinics Licensed in June 2014
AAA Concerned Women’s Center Inc – NAF MEMBER
Houston, TX

Aaron Women’s Center/ Womens Pavilion -NOT LISTED WITH NAF !
5607 Schumacher Ln. Houston

Abortion Advantage – NOT LISTED WITH NAF !
1929 Record Crossing
Dallas, Texas

Alamo Womens Reproductive Services Clinic Inc. -NAF MEMBER
San Antonio, TX

Austin Womens Health Canter – NAF Member
Austin, TX

Coastal Birth Control Center – NOT a NAF member
1901 Morgan Avenue, Corpus Christi, TX

Hilltop Womens Reproductive Clinic – NOT a NAF Member
500 E. Schuster, Edificio B
El Paso, TX

Houston Women’s Clinic – NAF MEMBER
Houston, TX

International Healthcare Solution – NAF MEMBER
Austin, TX

North Park Medical Group – NOT A NAF Member
8363 Meadow Road
Dallas, Tc

Planned Parenthood Babcock Sexual HealthCare – NOT a NAF member
104 Babcock Rd.
San Antonio, TX

Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas Surgical Health Services – Not a NAF member
7424 Greenville Ave #211 Ste.B
Dallas, TX

Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas Surgical Health Services – Not a NAF member
1121 Ross Avenue, Suite A
P.O. Box 1459
Waco, TX

Reproductive Services
Routh Street Womens Clinic – NAF MEMBER
Dallas, TX

Suburban Womens Clinic – NOt a NAF Member
3101 Richmond Ave, Suite 250
Houston, Texas

Suburban Womens Medical Center – Not a NAF Member
17070 Red Oak Dr., Suite 509
Houston, Texas

Whole Womens Health of Austin NAF Member – CLOSED
A/K/A Austin Whole Woman’s Health
Austin, TX

Whole Woman’s Health of Fort Worth, LLC – NAF MEMBER
Fort Worth, TX

Whole Womens Health of McAllen – Not a NAF Member – CLOSED !

Whole Woman’s Health of San Antonio, LLC – NAF MEMBER
San Antonio, TX

Women’s Center of Houston – NAF MEMBER
Houston, TX


Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center
Dallas, TX

Planned Parenthood Center for Choice, Inc.
Houston, TX

Abortion Clinics Closed as of June of 2014

Tx Ab CLinics Out of Business June 2014

A Affordable Womens Medical Center
AAlto Womens Center
All Womens Medical Center
Killeen Womens Health Center
New Womens Clinic Inc
Planned Parenthood Bandera Road
Planned Parenthood Center for Choice Bryan
Planned Parenthood Center for Choice Stafford
Planned Parenthood Choice
Planned Parenthood Choice
Planned Parenthood Northeast Sexual Healthcare Services
Planned Parenthood Womens Health Center
Reproductive Cervices
West Side Clinic Inc
Whole Womens Health of Beaumont

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