What’s the Scoop with the Planned Parenthood ice cream flavor story?

Planned Parenthood Ice Cream

After I blogged about the Oregon Ice Cream Parlor- What’s the Scoop – creating a flavor for abortion giant Planned Parenthood – and said that the flavor was not called Blood and Scream – the story was picked up by Life News where it went national.

Life News

Other pro-life news blogs like Jill Stanek picked up the story here.

In the abortion camp – NARAL tweeted about the story:



Fox News Published a story here:



Huffington Post said that we were freaking out in this report here:



The Oregonian published a story which made more sense since the ice cream shop is in Oregon- read their report here.



The Daily Caller got in on the gig – here

Daily Caller


And so did the Conservative CNS News:



Host of the Richard Fowler show called us the “Far Far Far Far Far Right”

Oregon’s OPB reported on the story here :



And AOL news also picked up the story here.


Several other blogs and local media also picked up the story. I guess it was just a quiet news week for many.

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