Pro-life attempts at the Human Life Amendment

For those who do not know the history of the pro-life movement, they may think that there was always an incremental strategy.

This is not true- in fact – from the beginning the pro-life movement has supported complete bans on abortion. It was only when these complete bans failed that incremental legislation was considered. Given this fact, complete bans are still the goal….

Here are some examples of the Human Life Amendments attempted:

AB Ban Defeated


Hello HLA

Human LIfe Amendment Scored


Prolife Leader looks to Congress

THe Human LIfe Amendment

1977 Human LIfe Amendment


You might also be surprised that before some people, like Jesse Jackson, who later sold his soul to the abortion lobby, they supported a ban on abortion:

1974– Pro-lifers say that a resolution in favor of a human life amendment written by Jesse Jackson would be read at their meeting. (The Milwaukee Sentinel – Jul 24, 1974)

Protestants form antiab group


Read more on Jackson here

2 Responses to “Pro-life attempts at the Human Life Amendment”

  1. […] In addition, I have also documented that pure legislation to defend the preborn and outlaw all abortions was put forth via Human Life Amendments during the early days. That documentation can be found here. […]

  2. […] Supreme Court ruling on abortion, pro-lifers attempted to pass a complete ban on abortion via a Human Life Amendment. Those efforts were sadly defeated. Since that time, pro-life groups have worked to pass […]

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