Ice Cream Shop Melt Down Over Support of Abortion Giant Planned Parenthood

Whats The Scoop Ice ScreamWTS7_vcjvsb

Following news that an ice cream shop in Portland, Oregon had created a flavor to support abortion giant Planned Parenthood – the store’s facebook page has lit up with comments.

The announcement that What’s the Scoop had created the new flavor was made on the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon’s Events page on Facebook :

PP Oregon Ice Cream

And this blogger reported the story here pointing out that the ice cream would not be called Blood and Scream !

Planned Parenthood Ice Cream

One pro-lifer objecting to the pro-choice ice cream shop’s support of Planned Parenthood writes, “Fetus Fudge is the next flavor.

Another wrote, “Blood & Scream is the perfect name for such a horrible concoction! Here’s the “scoop:” I will never darken your door again!”

Another, “Kids love ice cream…absolutely disgusting to make an ice cream to support an abortion business.”

Another, ” Spreading the word about “What’s the Scoop”‘s new Blood & Scream flavor. There’s a good percentage of the western Oregon population that won’t be visiting this ice cream shop again.”

At– one person posted this image of What’s the Scoops “Baby Murder” ice Cream Flavor:

PP Ice Cream Flavor

PP Ice Scream Whats the Scoop

According to a pro-choice blogger, owner Jodie Ostrovsky admitted that she had done fundraisers with the abortion giant in the past, “we’re still wrapping our minds around the reactions… It was the second fundraiser we have done with Planned Parenthood, the first one went off without any reactions or comments.”

Planned Parenthood quickly came to the ice cream shop’s defense, posting on their facebook page that news had gotten out to the “anti-abortion” forces, calling for their supporters to send the ice cream shop supportive comments, which they did :

PP Oregon Whats the Scoop Ice Cream

Ostrovsky told the Wilmamette News that, “Some of them have been scary. We’ve gotten quite a number of phone calls, a lot of Facebook stuff—we’ve gotten comments through the form on our web page. Some of them are bizarre and odd. We don’t know why they’re telling us that we have problems when they’re saying terrible, threatening things.”

The media outlet, which appears supportive of Planned Parenthood, then pointed a finger at Life News who published the story on their blog:

PP Life News Whats the Scoop

Whats the Scoop owner

What it comes down to,” What’s the Scoop’s owner said, “is that we try to support the organizations we care about in our community. We’re proud to have supported Planned Parenthood, because they provide a much-needed service to women in our community and all over the country.”

4 Responses to “Ice Cream Shop Melt Down Over Support of Abortion Giant Planned Parenthood”

  1. What a great cause to support,I wished I lived up there and give them a lot of support,I should not worry about those christians morons they are the loosers not worth mentioning

    • saynsumthn Says:

      So we are losers “not worth mentioning” but you can comment on a site run by a Christian- good move baby killer supporter !

  2. […] the event was exposed the shop’s owner claimed she was receiving a ton of calls and negative posts on the Whats the Scoop facebook […]

  3. […] the event was exposed the shop’s owner claimed she was receiving a ton of calls and negative posts on the Whats the Scoop Facebook […]

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