Planned Parenthood tweets article by NARAL board member who called for women to have sex inside Hobby Lobby


One day after Live Action Films released their second under cover video exposing the despicable way that Planned Parenthood “counsels” teens about sex by using BDSM, sexual fetishes, etc….Planned Parenthood posted a tweet saying that kids needed healthy information on sex!

“Teens—whether you like the idea of them having sex or not—deserve information that can keep them healthy:”

Teens Sex Ed July 2014

To no one’s surprise the link takes you an article trashing abstinence written by none other than NARAL Board member Jessica Valenti who recently called for women to have sex inside Hobby Lobby:

Jessica Valenti Sex Hobby Lobby NARAL:

Safe Sex Fuck In

The article is published by the Huffington Post and neither Planned Parenthood nor NARAL nor anyone in the media has called for Valenti to resign from the abortion lobby group after her tweet.

Read that article here.

Screenshot 1

Planned Parenthood, NARAL and the abortion lobby want our kids addicted to sex. Then they will turn to them for their birth control pills and abortions guaranteeing that their profits increase year after year.

Don’t believe me? Just watch what Planned Parenthood classifies as “Healthy Information”:

Talking to teens at Planned Parenthood is only one way they access your kids- they also get them in the schools (Here).

More here!

One Response to “Planned Parenthood tweets article by NARAL board member who called for women to have sex inside Hobby Lobby”

  1. So you are part of the abstinence only approach to keeping kids ignorant and confused?

    I went to a school like that and find it repulsive that years later this curriculum is still being promoted.

    Students need to know about both good and bad aspects of sex, sexting, birth control, disease prevention, and understand that sex is a healthy, natural part of being human; not shameful. They also need to know that being bi, gay, lesbian, polyamorous or any other sexual disposition is ok. They also need to know about online culture, the role of porn in society, its effect on reducing sex crimes, improving relationships, etc.

    All this column you have written serves to do is to perpetuate ignorance, bigotry, and sex shaming on our lives and we all suffer from it.

    I’m not saying that a few mistakes in which planned parenthood appeared to have normalized BDSM among teens is good, but the overwhelming majority of their work is good and.

    We need a lot more education, discussion, and acceptance about sex in general and it appears you are working to drive the discussion in the other direction.

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