Mother monkey clings to her dead baby for days

TV Derana – Sri Lanka’s Premium Entertainment Channel has posted a touching video of a Monkey who hangs on to her dead baby for over 4 day.

The video shows the grieving mother clutching the dead baby on her arms in the trees, on the ground, she will not leave her side.

The images are heart wrenching and make me wonder- how is it that animals know the value of life – while- many humans do not?

Today in the womb – humans murder their babies with abortion.

We could learn a lesson from this mother monkey’s love, now couldn’t we?


Monkey Baby3

Monkey Baby5

Monkey Baby2

Monkey Baby

One Response to “Mother monkey clings to her dead baby for days”

  1. We believe that animals are spared the knowledge of their own mortality. BUT as shown by this video the Lord has endowed them with the knowledge of LIFE and LOVE . We need to rekindle our God giiven compassion for all of his creations and pass this on to the next generation, before all HUMANITY IS LOST.

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