Pro-choice feminists call for “Abortion Pride!”

Two pro-choice feminists have posted a video calling for “Abortion Pride!”

Betty Dodson Carlin ROss

Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross describe themselves as, “two intergenerational, sex-positive feminists.”

On their website the duo claims to believe:

* Masturbation is the foundation for all human sexual activity.

* Sexual repression begins with the prohibition of childhood masturbation.

* Every individual is entitled to contraception.

Abortion Pride

In their video- the duo smirk, laugh and joke about the multiple abortions they had collectively and how they feel absolutely no regret.

Why did they have the abortions? They didn’t want to marry- one had an affair and didn’t want to be the “family on the side, and I’d have to look at that child and that would be horrendous for me,” she says.

I didn’t have one ounce of guilt,” they tell the audience.

For me, my first abortion was when I was 18 and I did it because I wanted to continue my schooling,” one says.

Abortion Pride self first

Calling the right to abortion intentional motherhood one of the feminists declares, “I never felt guilt about it because I put myself first.”

Sick and Heartless! Watch for yourself:

One Response to “Pro-choice feminists call for “Abortion Pride!””

  1. ubipetrusest Says:

    SICK, SICK, SICK! What a load of manure.

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