Pro-abortion website claims abortion is healthcare to fight pro-life laws

Following several abortion clinic closures in Texas after the pro-life law HB2 passed in the state requiring abortion doctors to have hospital admitting privileges pro-choicers have launched a feeble effort to supposedly counter this trend of abortion clinic closures.

Sarah Tuttle, who describes herself as an, Astrophysicist. Mom. Lunatic. Bionic Woman. Carrier Pigeon Feminist on her twitter page and who also serves on the board of the Lilith Fund for Reproductive Justice has launched the website: “Abortion is Healthcare” encourages pro-abortion people to write letters attempting to sell child killing as something good.

The blog is nothing to brag about but it did not stop the pro-abortion RH Reality Check Blog from promoting it ( read here.)

RH Reality seems to be motivated by fear after watching abortion clinic after abortion clinic close. They write, “Earlier this year, a Dallas hospital suddenly revoked admitting privileges to two abortion providers, telling the doctors in a letter that because they provide legal abortion care at offsite, non-hospital locations, their affiliation with University General Hospital Dallas would create “significant exposure and damages to UGHD’s reputation within the community.”

“That letter was written and signed by University General Hospital CEO Charles Schuetz, a Republican political donor. As an entity, University General Hospital, L.P. has donated $105,000 to four different Republican campaigns, including the David Dewhurst Committee—Dewhurst, Texas’ outgoing lieutenant governor, famously tweeted last summer that shuttering all but a handful of abortion providers in the state, rather than increasing the safety of abortion procedures, was the express intent of the omnibus anti-abortion legislation his party ushered through.

“Schuetz’s language concerning his hospital’s “reputation” mirrors language used by Mark Crutcher, an anti-choice North Texas man who told an anti-choice blogger this month that his organization, Life Dynamics, has sent “a letter to every hospital administrator in Texas.” Crutcher’s letter tells hospitals, in part:

“the competence and character of practitioners who work at abortion clinics is inevitably beneath the standards insisted upon by most hospitals; hospitals do not want to have their reputations damaged by the stigma that accompanies both abortion and the people who do them …

“In November 2013, Life Dynamics also sent a graphic mailer entitled “Hired Killers” to Texas doctors, calling abortion providers “the most prolific killing machine the world has ever known,” and alleging that they are “out to recruit” their fellow medical professionals.
LDI Texas Mailer Front

“University General Hospital Dallas settled out of court with the abortion providers whose privileges it revoked, after the doctors sued the hospital on the basis of a state law that bars hospitals from discriminating against physicians who provide legal abortion care. The doctors have retained their admitting privileges, though both will be forced to stop providing abortion care at their clinics this September, when the part of HB 2 that requires abortion facilities to operate as hospital-like ambulatory surgical centers goes into effect, leaving a total of six legal abortion facilities open in the state.”

The “Abortion is Healthcare” website’s creator writes, “85% of counties nationwide don’t have an abortion clinic. How did we get here?

Abortion providers have been very effectively marginalized. One of the most detrimental limitations on abortion access currently is the “admitting priviliges [sic]” requirement. This seemingly benign requirement requires abortion providers to have admitting privileges at a local hospital. This requirement is constructed to limit access by moving the conversation out of the public sphere. Hospitals have no obligation or requirement to permit access. And in a risk adverse world, hospitals generally are opting away from the “controversial” topic of abortion.

She continues, “We’ve lost track of the fact that abortion is healthcare. Abortion is a part of a broad spectrum of reproductive and family health. Abortion has been pushed aside into special clinics, and is treated as some sort of dirty word. When we know 1 in 3 women will have an abortion in her lifetime, this is completely absurd. Abortion is common, safe, and a constitutionally protected right.

“Anti-abortion activists have successfully discouraged hospitals from supporting abortion providers. Medical professionals protect themselves by not getting involved in the debate – the punishment rained down from activists is too heavy.

“This is our fault. We have let down our abortion providers, and let down our communities. When we are embarrassed to talk about abortion, we let that stigma damage our communities and our families. ”

Abortion HC Website Letter

Her solution? A letter writing campaign to, ” let all our medical providers – doctors, practices, labs, and hospitals – know how we feel about abortion. Let them know that abortion access IS supported in their communities – and that in this age of the informed consumer, we can choose to support practices who will work to support abortion access. Abortion is Healthcare.

Tuttle says she started the website because she wants, “all of us who consider ourselves pro-choice, pro-abortion, fans of reproductive justice and reproductive health… I want us to stand up and defend it…I want them to know that I *don’t* want legislators to decide how my health care goes..

She concludes, “Abortion, adoption, infertility, pregnancy, birth control, miscarriage… just all part of healthcare.”

I suppose one could give Ms. Tuttle an E for effort but her attempts to label child killing as “Healthcare” is a lie and will not succeed. Almost feel sorry for her- until I look at the babies her organization promotes ripping apart in the womb and then all sympathy for Ms. Tuttle goes out the window. Get real!

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