Planned Parenthood + NARAL not pro-choice on NBC’s refusal to run abortion film ad

The largest abortion lobbying group NARAL is livid that NBC has refused to run ads for the radically pro-abortion film- Obvious Child.

Ilyse G. Hogue, President, NARAL Pro-Choice America sent out a letter expressing her outrage which states, “NBC has decided that “abortion” is a dirty word. Sources report that NBC is refusing to run ads for the critically acclaimed movie Obvious Child unless they edit out any mention of the word “abortion,”1 even though that’s what the entire movie is about — a woman’s completely normal experience with abortion. Since when did “abortion” become one of the words you can’t say in an ad? Especially when it seems like you can’t make it through 30 minutes of prime time without seeing an ad for Viagra warning about erections lasting longer than four hours. This is outrageous — that’s why we started a petition to tell NBC: “Abortion is not a dirty word. Stop censoring ads for the movie Obvious Child.” Can you sign the petition and share it with your friends?”

NARAL NBC ADs Obvious Child

Obvious Child is sold as an abortion comedy where the star of the film decides to have an abortion. The pro-choice community is praising the film and seem to be as excited about Obvious Child as they were when Emily Letts filmed her own abortion.

Obvious Child Poster

Planned Parenthood ad NARAL are doing happy flips over Obvious Child as I detail here.

Planned Parenthood reports that NBC reportedly refused to run the sot because the ad included the word “abortion,” with sources saying that they found the “subject matter was inappropriate for viewers.”

According to, Planned Parenthood says it has thousands of signatures on a petition chastising NBC for their refusal to run an ad. reports that an informed source says a media buyer did approach NBC about running an ad for Obvious Child on its air, on behalf of the movie’s distributor. NBC has issued a statement saying, “No final spots were submitted to NBC broadcast standards for on-air consideration and NBC Broadcast Advertising Sales was never contacted about a media buy on NBC for spots related to this movie. Moreover, initial feedback from our broadcast standards group did not include any suggestion to remove a specific word.

“It’s outrageous that a major network would choose to censor mentions about abortion,” Planned Parenthood said in its petition.

PP Obvious Child NBC Petition

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