Two More Texas Abortion Clinics Possibly Closing

Corpus Christi’s sole abortion center is closing, according to recent reports.

Coastal BC Center

Coastal BC Center Street View

After news broke that the abortionist who operates, Coastal Birth Control Center located in Corpus Christi, said he will be retiring and that he has stopped offering abortions at the clinic a second location has also announced a possible closure later this summer.
Eduardo AQuino7

Abortionist Eduardo Aquino, told the Caller Times that a culmination of community backlash for abortion providers and required admitting privileges with local hospitals are obstacles that have kept him from attaining a partnership that could have kept the Corpus Christi clinic’s doors open.

Aquino also informed the Caller Times that neither his Alamo Women’s Clinic in San Antonio — nor the Corpus Christi clinic meets the new state law’s standards regulating abortion clinics and they are scheduled to close by Aug. 31 and may close earlier with state abortion restrictions taking effect in September.

According to the report, the Department of State Health Services was notified Monday via fax that Aquino planned to close the Corpus Christi clinic effective Monday and its license would be mailed to the state.

However, the agency has not been notified about plans related to Aquino’s San Antonio facility.

Aquino said he will take two weeks of vacation to deliberate the clinics’ closing dates and that a possible commitment to building a new clinic in San Antonio will be decided soon.

“We don’t have a clear idea if we are going to build another location there (San Antonio),” Aquino told the news outlet. “So far, all we know is it’s not going to be easy.”

Eduardo Aquino

It is impossible,” said Aquino, who commutes between the cities on a bi-weekly basis to perform abortions for more than 2,000 women every year. “I’m just exhausted; it’s driving me crazy.”


Last week, Life Dynamics, a national pro-life group in Denton, Texas confirmed that another abortion clinic in Killeen has closed due to the pro-life legislation.
Kileen Abortion

The Killeen Women’s Health Center just announced that they have been unable to obtain hospital privileges and will therefore temporarily close their killing center.

Unfortunately, the clinic still schedules abortions in their Austin location where they claim that abortionist Andrew Evan Massman has local privileges.

A sign on the door the abortion clinic and posted on Texas Alliance for Life’s Facebook page reads, “Our office is currently closed.”

North Park Dallas

Last month, Life Dynamics reported that a Dallas abortion clinic indicated that they will no longer be killing unborn children due to new pro-life laws passed by the Texas legislature.

The Northpark Medical Group abortion clinic in Dallas has stated that they are not accepting any patients at this time because their physicians cannot obtain local hospital admitting privileges. The clinic is part of a chain of abortion clinics which performs abortions on a regular basis.

In July, Texas passed HB2 requiring abortion doctors to have hospital admitting privileges within 30 miles of the abortion clinic. Because Northpark abortionists could not get hospital privileges, the center is unable to schedule or see any patients.


Life Dynamics Inc., a national pro-life organization located in Denton Texas, recently contacted members of the Texas medical community to warn them that the abortion lobby is trying to recruit doctors following changes in Texas law requiring doctors who work at abortion clinics to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals.

Mark Crutcher Life Talk April 2014

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics explains, “What we did is created a post card called Hired Killers. This postcard is designed to discourage doctors from getting involved in abortion. We sent one of these to every doctor’s office in Texas. What we are trying to do is keep the waters stirred because what the abortion industry wants is to recruit these guys and tell them, you can just slide in and you don’t have to raise a big ruckus about it. We’re making sure that these doctors understand, there will be a ruckus and this is just the first shot of the ruckus that’s coming.

LDI Texas Mailer FrontLDI Mailer Texas Back

“The second thing we did was send a letter to every hospital administrator in Texas. It’s designed to discourage them from granting privileges and be on the lookout for new doctors filing for hospital privileges who are not telling them they are working in an abortion clinic. Before you let them in, you better ask them if they are working in abortion because you don’t want to drag this hospital into the abortion controversy.”

Hospital Letter Texas

The letter reads:

Recent changes in Texas law require doctors who work at abortion clinics to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. However, most of these people do not have such privileges and cannot get them. The most common reasons for this are that:

the competence and character of practitioners who work at abortion clinics is inevitably beneath the standards insisted upon by most hospitals;

hospitals do not want to have their reputations damaged by the stigma that accompanies both abortion and the people who do them;

hospitals are reluctant to be dragged into the cultural and political controversy that surrounds abortion including the possibility of protests and boycotts;

allowing abortion providers into a hospital often creates dissension between the hospital and other doctors, staff, board members, donors, etc;

admissions to the hospital can decrease as patients and physicians become aware of the hospital’s association with abortion.

If you are approached by someone seeking privileges who is involved with abortion, it is almost certain that he or she will conceal this information from you. It is important to understand that it is far easier to keep these people out of your hospital in the first place than it will be to get them out later. We urge you to exercise caution and make certain that anyone applying for privileges is clean of any association with abortion.

The campaign appears to be working given the recent clinic closings.

According to Life Dynamics president, Mark Crutcher, “This is a good example of how laws that regulate abortion clinics and regulate the practice of abortion save babies. When HB 2 was passed here in Texas, immediately, I mean literally within days, one-third of all the abortion clinics closed. And they continue to close. And now we’re up over one-half. Half of the abortion clinics that existed on the day that HB2 was passed are now gone. .Now, you’ve had federal courts uphold it as Constitutional, and the pro-aborts are scared to push it to the Supreme Court, because if they push it to the Supreme Court and they uphold it then this will be a problem for them nationally. Even the pro-aborts are saying that they can’t meet these standards. Nobody wants to have these abortionists working on their hospital staffs or giving them privileges.”


Now that abortion clinics are closing, the abortion lobby is becoming alarmed. Think Progress, a left-wing blog, has just posted an entire article exposing what they believe are ways that pro-life people have been instrumental in stopping abortionists from gaining hospital admitting privileges.
Think Progress  May 2014 article

In the article, entitled, Anti-Abortion Protesters Are Coming To A Hospital Near You., authors highlight Life Dynamics’s mailers.

The radically pro-abortion blog writes, “In Texas, where the state’s endangered clinics are struggling to stay open, the anti-abortion organization Life Dynamics has put together a campaign notifying hospitals that offering admitting privileges to any abortion-providing doctors could be bad for them in some mysterious, unnamed way. The letters addressed to every hospital in the state don’t specify what exactly the facilities will experience if they do provide access for a doctor. But there are a number of different ways to target a hospital in order to cut off access to legal abortion. Other examples from around the country make it clear that these institutions may experience protests, picketing, and outright harassment of their medical staff and their executives.”

Following the original announcement released by Life Dynamics about our direct mail campaign, pro-choicers on social media began lashing out.

NARAL others Upset with LDI Nov 2013

The radically pro-abortion RH Reality Check blog responded by posting a headline which reads, “Anti-Choice Group Sends Graphic Mailers Comparing Abortion Providers to ‘Hired Killers’ “

NARAL Pro-choice America responded by posting an image of our Hospital letter on Facebook along with scribbled comments.
NARAL TX PRoject 2

Friends on NARAL’s Facebook page even admitted to calling Life Dynamics to express their views and posted, “The anti’s are utterly ruthless, they will stop at nothing.”
Another pro-choice “friend” of the abortion lobby wrote, “Unfortunately, this will work because of religious peer pressure.

One pro-choice supporter accused Life Dynamics of trying to sabotage the campaign of radically pro-abortion Wendy Davis who is running for Governor of Texas.
While another posted, “These people need to be outed.”

Crutcher said he sent the post cards to reinforce to physicians that, “Elective abortions are not healthcare and have nothing to do with the practice of medicine. They are contract killings.”

According to, Crutcher “If a doctor or hospital is going to get sucked into the abortion vortex, at least they will know what they are doing.”

Crutcher says that the reason abortionists do not have hospital admitting privileges is because , “The competence and character of practitioners who work at abortion clinics is inevitably substandard and hospitals don’t want to have their reputations damaged by the stigma that accompanies both abortion and the people who do them. In addition, Hospitals realize that any link to abortion creates the possibility of protests and boycotts and may cause some patients and physicians to reject the hospital.”

“Fortunately, the kind of monsters who are willing to snuff-out innocent and defenseless human lives for money are rare. This letter and these postcards will guarantee that any doctor or hospital that gets sucked in by the lies of the abortion industry will do so with their eyes wide open.”

For an interview call the office at (940) 380-8800

About Life Dynamics:
Mark Crutcher’s Bio

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