Walt Disney produced family planning vid for eugenics founded Population Council

FP Vid - walt disney
A 1960’s public service video on family planning produced at the Walt Disney studios has caught my attention.

First off, why in the world is a company that makes it’s living on children producing a vid on “family planning?”

News Donald Ducks new rold birth control



Even more disturbing is WHO the vid was made for. Walt Disney apparently teamed up with the eugenics organization: Population Council ! The film was directed by Les Clark and produced by Ken Peterson.

Walt Disney and Population Council

The Population Council, was founded by Frederic Osborn who was a founding member of the American Eugenics Society. In 1969, the Population Council’s President, Bernard Berelson, published an article suggesting that if voluntary methods of birth control were not successful, it may become necessary for the government to put a “fertility control agent” in the water supplies of “urban” neighborhoods.

The eugenics founded organization even brags about their Disney collaboration on their website’s timeline noting the film has been translated into 25 languages:
Disney colaborates with population council

The film uses iconic characters like Donald Duck….and begins by saying, “By nature, man is one of the animals. But he has something the rest do not have, human intelligence and the ability to reason and plan ahead…”

Donald Duck

Man woman upward rise

In what they call an “upward rise” of man, the film’s narrator says, “But this upward rise is being slowed by the sheer weight in numbers. The family of man is increasing at an astonishing rate. Almost doubling every generation. Ironically, this to comes about through man’s intelligence…”


The film takes a slight Malthusian look at population growth explaining that at one point deaths and births were about the same. Then, blaming the increase in population on medical advances, the film says, “There is still about the same number of babies being born each year but, today, deaths are cut in half, or better especially among children. The old balance is upset. Those who live now, instead of dying, are added each year to the number of people in the community…”

Large Family

The film indoctrinates it’s viewers that a “Happy Family” is one with a modest number of children while large families basically starve with “no money for modern conveniences…the mother will have too much to do. She’ll be tired and cross and her health will suffer. The children will be sickly and unhappy with little hope for the future,” the film states.

Donald Duck Family Planning Vid

Then the motto we hear so often from Planned Parenthood:

“This picture can be true for complex families if the number if children born is LEFT TO CHANCE!

FP Key DOnald Duck

And their solution?

Today things have changed,” the film explains,” modern science has given us a key that makes possible a new kind of personal freedom – FAMILY PLANNING! .

The film goes on to answer questions about family planning – like where you can go to get information or if it is acceptable in society and finally if it benefits the family. Because, of course, as the film explains, it does.

Oh…by the way…The Population Council is who brought us the abortion pill RU486 – just FYI!

Leave your thoughts about this discovery in the comments below- would be interested in reading them !

FP WD The End

Watch the Video here :


4 Responses to “Walt Disney produced family planning vid for eugenics founded Population Council”

  1. ubipetrusest Says:

    What a disgusting piece of propaganda. Fifty years after the pill, we know it causes blood clots and strokes and can function as an abortifacient. The information is in the “Physician’s Desk Reference,” which prints the drugmakers’ information. Forget about how the availablity of contraceptives has contributed to promiscuity and venereal disease.

    This is such a simplistic Malthusian presentation that Walt Disney Studios should be ashamed of insulting people’s intelligence. In my experience, children are valued more by those who have large families and in societies where large families are common. The children’s needs are met in a more human and natural way. When one, two, or no children become the desired family size, these poor children often receive less parental attention because both parents usually work outside the home, so that the child receives care from paid workers.

    In a very perceptive article on family size, a young mother described how she realized she had crossed the line (by expecting a third child), when another mother told her “Congratulations, I guess?” The young mother found she was more comfortable with other women who had more than two children, especially a seasoned mom in the neighborhood who had a large family and told her, “You can have a lot of little beds or a lot of little cars.”

  2. Dewey Boyd Says:

    We Don’t Die …….We Multiply..!

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  4. That was a great video. Im for sure sending the video link to everyone because it is everyone’s responsibility to prevent the overpopulation that is disruptive to the natural balance of life.

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