Planned Parenthood vid – breast exams not mammograms

Well Women Visits Planned Parnethood

A video uploaded by abortion giant Planned Parenthood to describe their “Well Woman” visits, proves that they do not perform mammograms but they do hide medical information on minors from their parents.

The issue of mammograms was raised when it was revealed that Susan G. Komen funds Planned Parenthood.

Manual Breast Exams

In the vid Planned Parenthood describes a breast exam this way, “If you need a breast exam, the doctor or nurse will ask you to lower your gowns, so she can check your breasts while you are sitting up and then lying down. It won’t hurt.”

The video does not imply that you can get a mammogram!

Info Private

They then make a point of telling viewers that their information is confidential and won’t be shared with PARENTS !!!

Well…we know that is the truth by undercover audio Life Dynamics produced of Planned Parenthood covering for child sexual abuse- listen here.

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