Pro-choicer: re-take the morality of Abortion from right-wing


Katie Klabusich @Katie_Speak is an avid pro-choicer who claims they must re-take the “morality of the issue [abortion] from the right wing”

On Acronym TV she advocates that more women tell about their “abortion stories” yet she disregards the thousands who have already spoken out publicly with Silent No More , a group that says they regret their abortions.

Katie also coordinates getting pro-choicers out to abortion clinics on twitter at the hashtag #protectthezone.

Caroline who defines herself as a “#prochoice/#reprojustice advocate” tweets the hashtag’s purpose: “As always on Sat mornings, check the #protectthezone HT for the reality of going into a doctor’s office for a legal, common procedure”


Katie gripes, Picketers stand around the neighborhood near the clinic. How are businesses ok with this?


Jessica tweets to Katie-Speak who may be behind the hash-tag that abortion clinic escorts are heroes:

On her twitter page, Katie Klabusich @Katie_Speak, describes herself as an enemy of the pro-life group Pro-life Action League, ” Defending bodily autonomy * #ProLifeActionLeague enemy * @BestOfTheLeft social media/actvism * contributor @HalSparks RadioPrgm * resident host at @Tawkers *Jail account @KatieSpeakJail ·”

Katie Speaks

According to a recent post by the pro-abort blog RH Reality Check, Katie Klabusich is an abortion clinic escort:

RH REality Katie

On her blog,, she writes, “If this offends, surprises, frustrates or emboldens you, there’s good news! YOU HAVE POWER. In my recent piece for Truthout, “Open Letter to Legislators From a Clinic Escort,” I detail how and why cities and counties have the authority to impose safety protections for health centers even though most elected officials don’t realize it. You don’t have to be on a sidewalk to help! Calling and writing your city council, asking them to stand up for their constituents is powerful. At the state and federal level, we often feel frustrated and without any way to affect change. Locally, your effectiveness is real. If you need guidance getting started, feel free to email me at and I’ll help you get the ball rolling, connect you to local resources and even meet with legislators if my experience can help craft meaningful legislation.

It’s time we became not just pro-choice, but also pro-active. We have fought against bad legislation for two generations; it is our turn to push for our values to become law. We have the moral upper hand and we must speak and act accordingly.”

And what are those supposed dangerous “antichoicers” doing? Nicole describes her experience, “I‘m getting a fantastic rambly lecture about God and Jesus.. at least they aren’t bugging the patients”


Apparently this is the place to be if you want NO CHOICE for protesting and free speech outside child killing death camps:

Prochoicers tweet

In response to Katie’s efforts Saynsumthn would love to see pro-lifers tweet these stories and images to #protectthezone:

911 Carhart Nov 2013


Remember Tonya WOmen Deserve Better



WWH abortion clinic health violations Oct 2013

SafeandLegalabortion Marla Cardamone

Carhart abortion ambulance nov 26 2013PlannedParenthoodWilmingtonAmbulanceMarch 13 2013Ambulance Feb 2013ambulance091609

Anyone in?

2 Responses to “Pro-choicer: re-take the morality of Abortion from right-wing”

  1. There would be more deaths of women doing back alley abortions if abortion ever became illegal. There would also be more babies found in dumpsters because for some strange reason people don’t give their kids up for adoption now days. I may not agree with it myself but the choice is there for others who do.

    • Actual Factual Says:

      Really? According to Dr. Mary Calderone’s article entitled “Illegal abortion as a Public Health Problem” in the 1960 edition of the American Journal of Public Health, 90% of all illegal abortions were being done by doctors and illegal abortion was no longer a dangerous procedure. A 1978 article in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology said the same thing about pre-Roe illegal abortions-that 90% were done but doctors.
      Get your facts straight before you comment.

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