Pro-choice post implies baby with two heads should have been aborted

A Pittsburgh pro-choicer posted something horrible in an attempt to discredit pro-lifers.

Tor Hershman who calls himself a philosopher on his facebook page commented on the story of Rebeca Martinez a Dominican infant born with a second partially formed head. The child died after an attempt to remove the second head. Doctors said her death was from blood loss during the surgery.

But rather than sympathy – – this pro-choicer decided to go to the facebook page of the National Abortion Federation and post this about the newborn, “ I wasn’t aborted and all I got was this crummy extra head and death.”

Baby not aborted with extra head2

It is ironic that the post was placed on the NAF fb page since they promote abortions for any reason at any age.
NAF Baby

Mr. Hershman’s facebook cover also says a lot about him- his image mocks the Lord’s prayer and his youtube page is also full Christian bashing vids:


Nice guy huh?

Meanwhile, as technology advances, children born with two faces or two heads are making progress.

The Australian mom who refused to terminate the pregnancy of her daughters — even though they shared one body and one head but have two separate faces and brains — has given birth. Despite sharing one body and all organs, the parents consider them two babies, whom they named Faith and Hope. The babies have so far defied the odds by surviving for nine days, and doctors say if they can live past the five week mark, they stand a good chance of surviving. But for how long?

The babies suffer from craniofacial duplication or diprosopus, a condition so rare that only 35 babies before Faith and Hope have been documented with it.

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One Response to “Pro-choice post implies baby with two heads should have been aborted”

  1. Allow moi to correct a few wee errors. I’m from Wheeling not Pittsburgh – that IS clearly stated on my Facebook page.
    I captioned that photo not to discredit anyone but only TO, hopefully, save some poor fellow Earthling from forming to ONLY go through a hideously short and monstrously awful life.

    Also, how can one give “Sympathy” to a malformed baby that has ceased to exist; you can pretend that you can – you can flap your arms to nonexistent super heroes in outer space – you can blame meaningless horned hobgoblins with pointy gluteus maximus – the “FACT” is you can NOT do ANYTHING for that DEAD CHILD!
    [Oh BTW it’s “Dr.” Hershman or just Tor]

    Also, this shows just how much of a Sherlock the person who does this blog truly is, when this blog stated than my YouTube
    “…page is also full Christian bashing vids:”
    That is not correct, if you watched “Crispy Krishna” you’d know that. If you’d watch “Chanting The Name Of The Turd,” you’d know that. If you watched “HEY! HEY! We’re The Humans,” you’d know that.
    There’s not a god and/or devil thingy I don’t cover AND at the end of “Hey! Hey!” I flush Atheism right down the universal toilet with all the religions.

    There are none so blind and deaf as those who say that Tor Hershman ONLY has videos about the facts, and some humor, concerning Christendom.

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