Architect of the barbaric Nazi medical experiments had ties to Margaret Sanger

From the documentary film: Maafa21 ( watch it here

The Nazis and the American eugenics movement were connected by a German psychiatrist named Ernst Rudin.

Rudin was the president of the International Federation of Eugenics in Cold Spring Harbor, New York, which was funded by the Carnegie Corporation and, in 1933, his call for racial purity was published in the Birth Control Review.


The Birth Control Review is a publication of Margaret Sanger, a racist eugenicist who founded Planned Parenthood in 1942.

Later, Rudin would be chosen by Hitler to write Germany’s eugenics laws and, at one point, he personally helped the Gestapo round-up and sterilize between 500 and 600 blacks who they referred to as “Rhineland bastards.”

After the war, Rudin would be identified as one of the architects of the barbaric medical experiments that the Nazis carried out in their concentration camps.

2 Responses to “Architect of the barbaric Nazi medical experiments had ties to Margaret Sanger”

  1. bquasius Says:

    Reblogged this on Cafe Con Leche Republicans.

  2. M D Stenberg Says:

    Thank you for doing all the work to tie these threads together. It’s hard to get most people to understand the Left is actually composed of two strands of socialism – fascism and communism. And that they share the same atheistic world view. Ideas have consequences; and, these ideas have had the most destructive consequences of all.

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