Founding Board Member of National Abortion Federation Dies

Terri BeresfordA founding member of the National Abortion Federation, Terry Beresford, died last week in Virginia, according to pro-choice bloggers.

Terry Beresford
In addition to her work with NAF, Beresford worked at a Washington DC abortion clinic and later at Planned Parenthood of Maryland.

In 1981, Beresford met her match when she was opposed by a doctor from a Chicago Ghetto. According to the Afro America, Dr. Jasper F. Williams, past president of the Black National Medical Association, told Beresford that was genocide against the black race.

“Abortion is the easy way out,” Dr. Williams said, “because a large number are performed on blacks, we have the feeling- I have the feeling- there are ulterior motives involved.”

” I’m not certain it is because they’re interested in the welfare of the black women or whether they’re just tired of increased public aid rolls the black women increase by having more and more babies…”

“If you look at that side of the question, it looks like genocide. I don’t believe the solution for the social and economic ills of this country should be solved that way.”

AB Genocide

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