Planned Parenthood shows concern over woman’s death?

This post on Planed Parenthood’s FB page shows that the only time they are concerned for women dying is when they die from something other than abortion:

PP medicaid Death


Think Progress a radical pro-abortion blog explains why such concern, “Charlene Dill, a 32-year-old mother of three, collapsed and died on a stranger’s floor at the end of March. She was at an appointment to try to sell a vacuum cleaner, one of the three part-time jobs that she worked to try to make ends meet for her family. Her death was a result of a documented heart condition — and it could have been prevented.

Dill was uninsured, and she went years without the care she needed to address her chronic conditions because she couldn’t afford it. Under the health reform law, which seeks to expand coverage to millions of low-income Americans, Dill wasn’t supposed to lack insurance. She was supposed to have access to a public health plan through the law’s expansion of the Medicaid program.”

Just wondering where Think Progress and Planned Parenthood showed any sympathy or call for change when this woman died:



Want to know why- because this is Tonya Reaves and she was left to bleed to death inside a Chicago Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.

Tonya Reaves LDI Brochure img406 Tonya Reaves, dead after abortion at Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood of Illinois was sued by the family of a women who died following her so-called safe/legal abortion at a Chicago Planned Parenthood.

The abortion giant and others named in the lawsuit were ordered to pay $2,000,000.00 to the family of Tonya Reaves.

Tonya REaves PP ILl Lawsuit

Life Dynamics’ website, details Reave’s death:

On Friday the 20th of July, 2012, 24-year-old Tonya Reaves climbed onto a table at a Planned Parenthood facility in Chicago for a “safe and legal” abortion. The life of her unborn baby was to be snuffed out. In a few hours, Ms. Reaves would also be closing her eyes for the final time.

What is now known is that the Planned Parenthood abortionist ripped a hole in Ms. Reaves’ uterus and she began to hemorrhage. It is also known that the Planned Parenthood staff let Tonya lie there for over five hours before they sought emergency care for her. Of course, by then it was too late. She had lost approximately 30 percent of her body’s total blood volume.

It is now undeniable that Planned Parenthood saw Tonya as less important than the public relations hit they would take from her being hauled out of their facility on a stretcher. And so, for more than 5 hours, they were willing to let her bleed in order to protect their political and financial agendas.

Sorry- Tonya- you will NEVER be mentioned on any of the pro-abortion facebook pages, especially Planned Parenthood.

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