Patient writes complaint against Planned Parenthood after switching to ObamaCare

A patient who just switched her insurance to ObamaCare has posted a complaint against Planned Parenthood in South Austin on the Complaint Board:
S Austin PP

“I’ve been going to Planned Parenthood for over two consecutive years now for my birth control shot. I just recently got health insurance under Obama Care. I went three months ago, using my insurance for the first time. I asked about the insurance over the phone before I drove down there for my appointment. I was told my insurance was accepted. I arrived and was told I couldn’t be seen that day because the doctor couldn’t ‘work on me’ with the insurance I have. So I rescheduled for a new day. It’s hard for me to schedule an appointment in the first place because of work, and finding child care for my four year old. I went back on my rescheduled day, and walked out unseen that day because the lady at the counter couldn’t find my insurance. I talked with her over the next THREE days, she then told me they DID accept my insurance but they couldn’t figure out how to find it or use it, but I was scheduled another appointment and given my shot for free. I signed a waiver stating so.”

Complaints Board

I now, three months later, due for my next shot, called to make an appointment. I called twice on two different days trying to schedule an appointment, during business hours and the phone just rang and rang, my call never got picked up. I finally get a hold of a person and am immediately put on hold for 10 minutes. For the two years I’ve been coming here, I have scheduled an appointment every time. This time, a very unpleasant sounding lady tells me they do this on a walk in basis. I’m confused, but ok whatever, ill walk in. Before I waste my time driving down there, I ask her about my insurance. I told her I had issues using it last time, I wanted to make sure everything was going to be ok with it this time. I was told very rudely that no, they do not accept my insurance. I tried to explain to her that I was told by another employee last time that my insurance was accepted. She kept cutting me off until I finally told her thanks anyway. I called back and asked by name for the lady who helped me last time, I was put on hold for about 5 minutes and the same rude lady picked the phone back up and told me she was with a patient and could she get my name and phone number and would have the lady call me back. I gave her the information and the call was ended. I then immediately called my insurance provider to see if they could tell me if planned parenthood accepted my insurance. The lady told me yes, they do accept this insurance. I told her my issue, and she asked me if I could hold and she was going to call them. She asked to talk to the manager and left a message with him. I never received a call back from planned parenthood, and called back again today. I spoke with a different lady this time, and she transferred me to the manager, she said he was walking in the office as she was transferring my call. It rang maybe twice and went to voicemail. I left a message with my name and phone number asking him to call me back. Have not received a call back and I left the message 4 hours ago. I am SO disgusted with this customer service. They sure showed me they don’t care about me or my business, and I have taken my business elsewhere. The customer service given to me was unacceptable. I work in customer service and I KNOW if I treated someone the way I have been treated, I would be getting complained against, and at the least written up by my supervisor.”

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    This story sounds almost identical to mine in regards to the competence and efficiency of Planned Parenthoods customer service line and other extensions.

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