Pro-choice woman rips up sign belonging to anti-abortion protester

A pro-choice woman destroys the sign of an anti-abortion protester outside the Smith Jersey Women’s Center abortion clinic.

The woman approached the pro-lifers with another pro-choice friend.

The protesters were carrying “Babies are Murdered Here” signs, which apparently upset the duo.


As the pair approaches, one of the pro-choicers tells them, “You guys have major F’ing issues.”

The pair blurt out a lot of expletives….when this pro-choicer walks up, and takes one of the group’s signs.


She begins to tear up the property of the pro-lifers.

Tears signTears sign 2Tears sign 3Steals sign

The other pro-choicer shoots a bird back to the pro-lifers as they walk off.

Shoot bird

Watch the vid here- careful GRAPHIC LANGUAGE!

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