Pro-choice leader defends Sanger’s racist eugenics connections by saying she also wanted to limit births of whites:


In an article just published in the Jackson Free Press , entitled, Using the KKK to Fight Abortion Rights, an abortion rights leader makes a dismal attempt to defend Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger’s racism of blacks by saying she also wanted to limit the births of whites.


Laurie Bertram Roberts, Mississippi state president of the National Organization of Women, who also writes for the paper made this statement:

“First of all, Margaret Sanger did not work on abortion. She worked on birth control. Context is everything. I will never deny that Margaret Sanger was connected to the eugenics movement, What they (abortion opponents) never bothered to say is that eugenicists also wanted to limit the birth rate of poor white people and disabled people. It wasn’t just black people; it was a whole lot of people they deemed to be unfit.”
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Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics, Inc and producer of the powerful film, Maafa21, which documents the racist agenda of Planned Parenthood responded, “Thank God for stupid enemies.”

Watch Maafa21 here

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