Police protect abortion patient after she attacks pro-lifers

In a recently uploaded video that looks like it takes place in the early morning outside the Orlando Women’s Center (not absolute about the location), police appear to protect an aggressive abortion patient after she attacks the pro-lifers.

The video shows pro-lifers pleading for the woman to not kill her baby. She tells the protesters to “Shut the FU** up.”

You can hear a pro-lifer say, “Let us come alongside you and help you.” and the abortion patients yells “NO.”

She then asks, “Did I come up your vagina, your vagina or your vagina,” pointing to the protesters and then yells, “get me off that…don’t put me on that camera.”

The reply by a pro-life women operating the camera is, “As long as you are attacking us ma’am, I have the right to videotape.”

She then aggressively moves toward the pro-lifers and in what appears to be a protective move, a pro-life man with his hands in his pockets calmly walks between the aggressive abortion patient and a pro-life woman who is videotaping.

Get me off that camera

The patient then moves in on the pro-life woman with the video tape and begins assaulting her.

She yells “Get out of my face, I’m not playing with you,” as she moves into the pro-life woman.

attacking plattacking pl 2

At that point a friend of the abortion patient comes up and walks her across the street, and the police arrive on scene.

When the police officer arrives the protesters tell her over and over that the abortion patient hit them, but the officer shakes her head as if she does not believe them and they say they have video, still she escorts the patient away.

Capture4police escort

Watch Video here:

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