7 babies dead in woman’s home called a “crime” – thousands dead at Planned Parenthood called a”right”

Megan Huntsman










A Utah woman is in custody after seven bodies of dead infants were found in a Utah home and garage.

Authorities believe that 39 year old Megan Huntsman gave birth to six of the children over a 10-year period before killing them. One of the babies was believed to be stillborn.
Megan Huntsman2

Police responded to the home after residents found what appeared to be a dead infant at full term in a container while cleaning a garage.

When they arrived, police found the infant to be at full term, according to a press release from the Pleasant Grove Police Department. A search warrant was obtained on the residence, where six additional infant bodies were found, each packaged in separate containers. Police said the bodies were in cardboard boxes.

According to the press release, “During the course of the investigation information was obtained that; over a 10 year period a 39 year old female gave birth to the infants and then killed them.”

The suspect’s ex-husband is believed to be the father, but investigators are still working on DNA tests, the Salt Lake CIty Tribune reported. The ex-husband’s parents own the home, and the woman’s three teenage daughters still live there, a neighbor told the paper.

Megan Huntsman has been arrested and faces six counts of murder.

This story is very shocking as it should be.

But there is a blatant disconnect to the outrage we experience when mothers kill their born children than when they kill them before birth through abortion.

According to the nation’s largest abortion provider,Planned Parenthood, they performed 327,166 abortions for the year 2012 to 2013 and that does not include many of their chemical abortions. That means they admit to killing hundreds of thousands of babies annually.

PP 2012 2013 Annual Report

But…they do not count because we do not see those babies? Right….well…sometimes we do:



In February of 1993, NY Abortionist Abu Hayat was convicted after he ripped the arm off a 32-week unborn child during an abortion. The girl was born alive.

Ana Rosa Mother to tell daughter
Hayat was nicknamed the Butcher of Avenue A.

In June of 1993, abortionist Abu Hayat was sentenced to 22 years in prison, but was released on parole in 2006.


Houston abortionist Douglas Karpen was accused of aborting babies born alive after abortions after three of his former employees gave an interview about the abortionist to the pro-life group Life Dynamics in Denton, Texas. Here is a picture of those babies allegedly smuggled out by Karpen’s clinic workers.

KARPEN PHOTO 2-942f39ee34


Pennsylvania abortionist Kermit Gosnell was convicted of doing the exact same thing as Karpen, but Gosnell did not get rid of the evidence and when investigators finally inspected his House of Horrors abortion clinic the evidence was still in the building. Gosnell was tried and found guilty of several counts of snipping the necks of babies born alive and then killing them. In Karpen’s case, the Grand Jury decided not to bring charges.


PlannedParenthoodLM Logo Vert PP Primary Blue - 250pxPlanned Parenthood’s lobbyist hesitated on what the abortion giant would do with where a baby is born alive. But despite this shocking testimony we continue to give this abortion super center millions in federal tax dollars.


Exerpt DC

Years ago, the Philadelphia Inquirer did an expose on what they called the Dreaded Complication, where babies are born alive and killed following attempted abortions. Willard Cates, M.D., former head of the Centers for Disease Control of the U.S. Public Health Service was quoted by the paper and said,
The tendency is not to report because there are only negative incentives.” Abortion: The Dreaded Complication” ; Philadelphia Inquirer, Aug. 2, 1981


Baby Special

This child’s abortion began at South Florida abortion clinic in 1989. There were complications which caused the woman to be transferred to a Hospital. Police received an anonymous call that the baby survived an abortion but was not treated. A nurse in the room during the abortion claims the baby was moving when it came out and the doctor just wrapped in some linens. The Medical Examiner testified the autopsy found pockets of air in the baby’s stomach and that the child breathed. “When a fetus is aborted, sometimes there is some activity in the fetus and you normally don’t do anything. You let the fetus expire. The usual thing is just to take your time, don’t immediately do anything,” the abortionist told authorities. Authorities cleared the doctor saying there was no clear evidence the abortionist smothered the baby. Pro-lifers felt authorities never took eye witness testimony into account. Baby Special was 23 1/2 weeks gestation.

BABY Left to die on roof of abortion clinic:

In Oct. of 2008, Sycloria Williams was in the throes of an induced-labor abortion of 22-week-old Shanice when the baby delivered alive at a South Florida abortion clinic.

A clinic worker, along with Williams, witnessed that the abortionist cut the cord and place the moving, breathing baby in a biohazard bag on the roof of the abortion clinic.

For nine days, the baby baked in the Florida sun until an anonymous caller notified police who located the baby.

While the Miami-Dade County medical examiner determined Shanice was born alive, he concluded her death was “natural” due to “extreme prematurity.”


It is rare that an abortionist is charged with a crime of killing a baby after they are born. These are the few that at least made it to the public’s attention. There are millions killed in the womb who will never see justice because their deaths are considered a “right” we all must somehow “protect.”

I say that a child is a child born or unborn and they all should be protected. I cannot wait for the day when the mug shots of thousands of abortionists will be plastered all over the papers while they await their trials for murder. Until then we go about our lives, pretending to be outraged at a woman who would murder 7 newborns. We will hear the gasps and see the shocked looks and hear all the questions, “How could a mother do such a thing?” And then we will stand outside Planned Parenthood or another abortion clinic and shake out heads at the hypocrisy in our nation.

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