Why does HuffPo publish articles by anonymous writers?

Answer – AGENDA!!!!! They are pushing ObamaCare and FREE Birth Control !

From My Employer Shamed Me for Using Birth Control

After the insurance company first denied me birth control, but before I learned that it was my employer who’d demanded they change their policies, I made an appointment with the university’s Human Resources director. I assumed it was a problem with the insurance company, and thought our HR director would want to know. Boy, was I wrong. The HR director told me that birth control is something the university should never be expected to cover, and that I should be more responsible for my reproduction and “proud” of my child. Using birth control is the responsible decision for me and my family, and I was outraged that he would suggest that my family planning decisions somehow called into question my love for my daughter.

Ever since that conversation, the HR director gives me dirty looks whenever I pass him in the hallway. I discussed the situation with my boss, who was sympathetic, but advised me not to bring it up to anyone else in the university’s administration… because they might fire me.

I love my job and can’t afford to lose it, which is why I bite my tongue when I see the HR director, and why I’m not using my real name in this blog. But I should not have to choose between keeping my job and losing my dignity. by Jessica R.

Great Journalism HuffPo !!!!

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