Vandalized Montana abortion clinic closes indefinitely according to pro-choice blogs

According to the pro-abortion blog Think Progress one of Montana’s four abortion clinics has been forced to close indefinitely as its staff attempts to recover from a recent break-in.

All Families HC

The Kalispell All Families Health Care abortion was vandalized and police have arrested 24-year-old suspect, Zachary Jordan Klundt of Columbia Falls.

According to Susan Cahill, a physician assistant who runs the clinic, someone shattered the window in a back door and entered the clinic before causing significant damage late Monday or early Tuesday. A receptionist reported the vandalism shortly after arriving at work at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Think Progress writes, “The reproductive health facility sustained significant damage, including broken furniture, equipment, and glass. RH Reality Check reports that that clinic staff believe the act of vandalism was part of a “coordinated effort” to intimidate the employees to stop providing abortion care.

The clinic has only occupied its current building in Kalispell, Montana for about a month. In addition to offering abortion care, it also provides a wide range of other family planning services. Now that it’s closed, this region of the state doesn’t have a single abortion provider.”

The pro-abortion RH Reality Blog reports the same thing, “All Families Healthcare is closed indefinitely while Cahill assesses the damage and determines how to move forward.”

According to local pro-lifers, The All Families Health Care clinic is operated by
Susan Cahill, a physicians assistant, with a long term relationship to Dr. James Armstrong,
Dr. Jules Marsh and Planned Parenthood. Dr. Armstrong, now a retired.

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