Fugitive abortion doctor extradited to United States from Germany

In January of this year, the United States Marshal Service returned a Georgia abortion doctor to the United States, after he fled to Germany to avoid criminal prosecution.

Rossman Charles Extradicted

In May of 2003, the Georgia Board of Medical Examiners suspended the medical license of abortion doctor Charles Rossman.

Reports stated that Rossman gave an abortion patient pills to induce a late trimester abortion. Rossman then left the women in the office alone and gave her his contact information. Rossman then left the building.

When paramedics arrived at the office, they found the doors locked. They forced their way into the office and found a 23-year old woman giving birth to a baby boy.

Police charged Rossmann with two additional counts of criminal abortion after two more women came forward with reports mirroring the original allegations. Rossmann was also charged with four counts of having prescription medications out of their original containers . The Georgia Medical Board suspended Rossmann’s license to practice medicine in the state on May 15 after learning of the charges.

Investigators now report that Rossman has been arrested and is being held on the outstanding charges from 2003.

Rossmann was arrested last year in Germany and has been extradited to Valdosta, Georgia to face multiple counts of criminal abortion, drug charges and a FBI warrant for Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution.

Rossmann fled the area shortly after being investigated for performing illegal abortions at his medical practice in Valdosta.

Detectives from the Valdosta Police Department along with an Investigator from the State of Georgia Medical Composite Board investigated the case and discovered many more issues which led to multiple criminal charges against Rossmann. The FBI greatly assisted in this case as it appeared that Rossmann had possibly fled the United States shortly after the investigation was opened.

Rossman is currently being held at the Lowndes County Jail pending judicial proceedings.

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