Bishop says child conceived thru rape not created by God but a “baby from a demon seed”

Recently a Black Bishop left the Democrat Party because of their views on may issues he had troubles with. However, this supposed Man-Of-God told a panel of religious people that if a woman is raped and becomes pregnant that God did not create that child, rather it is a product of a DEMON SEED.

mortonAccording to reports, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. has announced he is abandoning the Democrat Party. For years, African Americans have voted overwhelmingly for any and everybody on the Democratic ticket. However, due to the recent “direction” of Democratic leadership, Bishop Paul S. Morton is taking a stand. “For the first time in my life I’m coming out as an independent!” he states.

“I have been a Democrat since I started voting in America, but this party is getting farther and farther away from what Kingdom people believe. For too long, Democrats have taken our vote for granted but kingdom people have rights too, and don’t want to be taken for granted. We will not just except anything.”

At the 2013 Pastors and Ministry Workers Conference in Nashville, Morton ridiculed the Republican Party’s stance on abortion, “A man rapes you on the street from a demon seed and you’ve got to have that baby from a demon seed, that’s not what God conceived. You’re hav’n your daddy’s baby. [mocking tone] “No we’ve got to have it because we don’t believe in abortion” We don’t believe in abortion but, my God, have some common sense.”

Listen Here if video is remove:

He tells Worship360, “These Republicans are also antagonistic toward women who find themselves in emotionally devastating situations as a result of rape. I don’t believe a woman should be forced to bring a child into the world if she has been raped by her father, or suffered the violent molestation of her body by a complete stranger.There are even times when a woman must decide to terminate because bearing a child would put her life in danger.

By no means am I supporting abortion! I’m definitely “pro-life” but there are certain situations that require careful examination and adjudication. You can’t “blanketly” decide! That’s going too far and it’s not the Kingdom way (God’s way).

At the same time, Democrats have become too liberal. Nothing is sin anymore! If nothing is sin anymore, “WHY” would we need Jesus?
We still acknowledge that it is Jesus who forgives us when we repent of our sins.

America has become arrogant! We ignore God’s Word, and we reject biblical morality. I can’t support what God condemns! God does not condone sexual sin. God does not agree with same sex marriage, adultery, fornication or polygamy.

While I understand that people have the right to make these choices; and while I agree that it is NOT my job to force anyone to stop anything, I do fully embrace my assignment to preach the Kingdom message!

Morton’s views on whether babies conceived in Rape deserve life would differ from rape conceived survivors like Juda Myers and Rebecca Kiessling among most pro-life people.

You can read stories of rape conception stories here.

When you support abortions for rape and incest what you are really saying is that children should die for the crimes of their fathers. I hope Bishop Morton will see what he is fully advocating and change his views to protect all children no matter what their father’s have done.

As stated very well by Life Dynamics president Mark Crutcher, “There is no such position as “pro-life with exceptions.” It is impossible to accurately label someone pro-life who approves killing certain groups of children such as those conceived in rape or incest. It is as illogical as someone in 1860 saying, ” I am an abolitionist but I believe slavery should be legal in some circumstances.” The only legitimate pro-life position is that an unborn child is morally equivalent to and has the same rights as a born child. When someone says they are pro-life but that abortion should be allowed in some circumstances, the question is whether they would support killing a five-year old in those same circumstances. The bottom line is that when someone says they are “pro-life with exceptions” what they are saying is that they support the “choice” to kill some babies (conceived in rape, handicapped, etc.) but oppose the “choice” to kill other babies. In other words, the only honest way to define that position is “pro-choice with exceptions.”

24 Responses to “Bishop says child conceived thru rape not created by God but a “baby from a demon seed””

  1. Hate speech. A real servant of the Almighty would know that the devil can’t create life. ONLY Yehovah creator of the UNIVERSE can do that. To give credit to the devil for a creation of the Lord who He made in HIS image is blasphemy!!! is an org dedicated to restoring honor and dignity to women and children of rape conception. Women are smart enough to know the difference between a rapist and a baby. God tells us that children are a gift from Him. Not some children but all. To insult a woman and tell her that HER baby is a demon seed or that it deserves to die is outrageous!

    Go to that website and hear video testimony of many women and children and tell me people like myself are NOT created in the image of God.

    I was placed in my mother’s womb BY GOD after my mother was raped by eight men. She as well as over 200 women I’ve spoken to say their babies helped them heal. Their attacker nor the devil is capable of bringing such joy in the form of a baby. ONLY GOD CAN DO THAT!!

    I hope people who talk this way get educated and stop the prejudicial murder of innocent babies. No one is killing the rapists are they?? Why the baby? Does this man think if his father commits a crime it’s ok to make him pay with the death penalty?

    Also it’s arrogance to think that there are no seeds of evil planted in one’s ancestry. We ALL go back to Adam and Eve and THEIR son was a murderer. How dare any assume they are worthy of living!!!

    God have mercy on that man’s soul.

  2. Um, how can he claim to be pro life? He clearly doesn’t have an understanding of the English language, or lacks the intelligence to know what pro life is.
    And gee, thanks for saying my son isn’t a gift from God and instead is a spawn of Satan.

    • Forgive him for his ignorance!! And ignorant he is!! All Babies are a gift from God!! Never ..are they a mistake..punishment ..or evil! Although ..if not raised with the spirit of Christ…could.
      grow into something Evil

      grow into a terrible, horrible

  3. As a lover of God and child born because of a rape, all I can think about are the poor Christian girls who will be subject to this mindset, kill their babies and suffer so much more. This is inestimable cruelty. The truth is there are two victims of such assault, both need to be cared for. Pregnancy is always temporary. Abortion is forever.

    She will get through it, even if she doesn’t want the child, but in reality, it is her child you are advocating for her to kill. What cruelty is it to subject her to submit to killing her own baby at a time of great crisis, when she needs counseling and healing.

    And, yes, I can speak to rape also. My first child was born due to my being trafficked and prostituted as a teen. I have survived. Anyone can. We need to be helpful to the precious victims of abuse and never subject them to more.

  4. Rachel you express the same love for your child as my own mother did. Thank you for being that hero we so desperately need. God bless you. I’d love to talk with you. Please connect with me on FB

  5. This man is deceived by satan and his utterly false declaration will be used to further the abortion agenda. How dare he?! He should know, that anything he claims, MUST be backed up biblically. NO WHERE in the bible does it claim the sanctity of life should be protected, EXCEPT in cases of rape. I would urge his congregation to get rid of him!

  6. I would like to find this guy and introduce him to my daughter. I am sure meeting this sweet loving little girl would make him think twice about calling her demon seed.

  7. I was born into this situation, my mother was raped by her aunty husband who I never got to meet, he died some years ago. I have been told I was born from a seed of sorrow by family whatever that means, but this comment from this Bishop really made me cry. And for a moment I began to believe it.
    My then father had 3 children with his wife so my sisters and brothers are also my 2nd cousins too. His children idolised him, maybe they were not told of the exact events, I do not know.
    I thank God and ask God to heal me and my mother thoroughly and all those who have been raped and had their child or children like this. To this Bishop prove it through God’s word where we are of a demon seed, how do you justify this?
    No weapon formed against me shall prosper, no tongue that is raised shall stand for I have the power and the victory in Jesus name.

    • You have a wonderful connection with our Creator Father and I know you are a blessing. I’d love to connect with you because the world needs to know more people like you. God bless and

      I thank the author of this blog also because we need people speaking out for us too. God bless you.

      Being “pro life” with exceptions and being “pro choice” with exceptions looks exactly the same on both sides : dead babies and hurting mothers!

  8. I would love to meet this ignorant man and tell him that I am NOT a demon seed but a daughter of the King!!! And Im sure my birthmother would say the same. She loved me enough to choose life and I honor her for her choice for life and I honor my God and creator who SENT me into this world. I was not an accident, or a product or rape, I was created, loved, sent and am serving GOD. How dare he say that!

  9. Bishop, you haven’t had common sense in a long time. What makes you think you came completely to your senses about the unborn all of a sudden? You did not. A child is a child, wither by accident or rape. It is a child of the woman, It is a child of Adam. It is therfore a Child of God. Yes it was conceived by an EVIL ONE, but as it is written in Ezekiel 18, “The fathers shall not bear the sins or the children and the children shall not bear the sins of the fathers (In punishment) Every one will DIE for his own sin.” Put the rapIst to death. Tell the woman the truth and leave the rest between her and God. Every one in this world is subject to time and chance situations. Some are born with defects by which they will never live even a near normal life. Often people don’t want to be near them for anguish of mind; but they are not free to do evil because of it. Whatever she decides God will Judge her accordingly. If man don’t feel comfortable judging her, leave it between her and God. Get rid of the Rapist. He has NO RIGHTS!

  10. […] the 2013 Pastors and Ministry Workers Conference in Nashville, Morton ridiculed the Republican Party’s stance on abortion, “A man rapes you on the street […]

  11. […] the 2013 Pastors and Ministry Workers Conference in Nashville, Morton ridiculed the Republican Party’s stance on abortion, “A man rapes you on the street […]

  12. “Bishop” of what?
    If you make up your ow religion you can make up your own rules.

  13. Saint Margaret of Sanger said she needed black pastors like this to teach the black mothers to kill their children.

  14. The world says – Good can come from evil, so whatever fruit evil bears it must be embraced, but the bible makes no such reference. As hurtful as it sounds, I’m sorry but i feel he is right. Bearing children is a natural occurrence of intercourse and God has given US rules to create them within marriage.

    God would not therefore break his own laws and CREATE a baby via rape. Rape babies are not immaculate conceptions, they come from the seeds carried from their father as we all do. And any man who can RAPE a woman is under DEMON CONTROL not God.

    Now to murder these rape babies is wrong because murder is wrong period. But to say they are a child created and sent by God is blasphemous. I know it sounds ugly and old worldly but its true They are created from the seeds of Demon(rapists sperm) during a demonic act against the mother (rape).

    • judamyers Says:

      Jojo If you’ve read the bible you’ll find in Genesis 4:8 Now Cain said to his brother Abel, “Let’s go out to the field.”[d] While they were in the field, Cain attacked his brother Abel and killed him.

      So it is safe to say that you too are the descendent of a murderer!!! It’s time people start thinking the way God does.

      To say that a demon created me is blasphemous since YHWH is the ONLY one able to create life!

      1 Corinthian 1:27 In the original Greek says that God will take the base things of this world to shame the “wise” The word used is Agenes which means “of no kin” or “illegitimate birth”

      How much more illegitimate to the world than the rape conceived. And I now say “Shame on you!”

      Out of hundreds I have met we are consistently lovers of God … pastors, worship leaders, ministers, humanitarians, doctors, and many I’ve met are helping society in all kinds of ways.

      Remember Hitler was born to married parents and was one of the greatest evils! You imagine God to be human in His ways but His ways are higher than humans.

      A rapist cannot make a human. If man were able to create life no woman would be barren and every woman wanting a baby would have as many as she wanted. God IS THE CREATOR!

      Your way of thinking jojo keeps prejudice alive and abuse continuing against the innocent. God is not happy with 1.falsely accusing 2. lies against Him 3. provoking others to sin

      I pray that you will hear the voice of YOUR Creator and ask Him for forgiveness.

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  16. […] the resolutions. But, the bias against the rape conceived remains ongoing. In 2013, a pastor referred to children conceived in rape as a “demon seed.” His words shocked the pro-life […]

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  18. […] points out that people generally refer to children conceived in rape as the “lowest of the low.” In fact, not that long ago, a pastor referred to the children of rape as a “demon […]

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