Abortion patient leaves clinic says : “Inside it’s gross. It smells and it’s filthy”

According to 40DaysforLifeLansing, When Michigan Abortionist Theodore Roumell drove into the parking lot of his killing center three cars had left WomanCare abortion clinic with women who DID NOT have any abortion today.


“Inside it’s gross. It smells and it’s filthy.”

One of the woman told pro-life protesters, “Inside it’s gross. It smells and it’s filthy.”

She walked away after exiting the building.

WomanCare Lansing


Another woman said, “They don’t have scrubs on and they don’t look professional in there.”

A third woman who was 2 weeks pregnant took our pregnancy resource cards, got in the car with her husband and drove off.

Theodore Roumell

The abortionist, 78-year-old Theodore Roumell, who has open formal complaints against him, was performing abortions at the now closed Feminine Health Care abortion clinic after Alberto Hodari retired.

Theodore Louis Roumell complaints

The Flint abortion clinic was in non-compliance with the State of Michigan. Both the medical waste and free-standing surgical license had expired, and following open formal complaints against the clinic, the abortion mill is no longer open, says pro-lifer Lynn Mills.


From 2007-2009, the Bureau of Health Systems inspected three abortion clinics licensed as freestanding surgical facilities in Michigan: Birth Control Center, Inc. in Sterling Heights, Feminine Health Care of Flint, and Womancare of Southfield. All three were cited for noncompliance with state regulations for surgical facilities regarding the administration and/or storage of medication. Read more here

In 2011, Womancare of Southfield was again under fire by the state for operating without a license for free-standing surgical facilities. The site abortiondocs.com has their sordid history.

Abortionist Theodore Roumell is a longtime Michigan abortionist. Roumell was sued in 2010 by a woman whose second trimester abortion he badly botched in 2008. According to the lawsuit, Roumell was unable to remove the child’s head. The woman was taken to a hospital where a hysterectomy was performed because of the various injuries caused by Roumell during his attempts to remove the child’s head. Read here

In 2012, Roumell attempted to hit a pro-lifer with the door of his car:

He was charged with simple assault, but the case was later dismissed.

Lansing Jan 2014 o

40 Days for Life said that they will be filing a report with the State’s Department of Environmental Quality regarding the alleged complaint of the women who left the clinic Wednesday

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