Black Bishop abandoning Democrat Party still supports aborting children for crime of their fathers

mortonAccording to reports, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. has announced he is abandoning the Democrat Party. For years, African Americans have voted overwhelmingly for any and everybody on the Democratic ticket. However, due to the recent “direction” of Democratic leadership, Bishop Paul S. Morton is taking a stand. “For the first time in my life I’m coming out as an independent!” he states.

“I have been a Democrat since I started voting in America, but this party is getting farther and farther away from what Kingdom people believe. For too long, Democrats have taken our vote for granted but kingdom people have rights too, and don’t want to be taken for granted. We will not just except anything.”

At the 2013 Pastors and Ministry Workers Conference in Nashville, Morton ridiculed the Republican Party’s stance on abortion, “A man rapes you on the street from a demon seed and you’ve got to have that baby from a demon seed, that’s not what God conceived. You’re hav’n your daddy’s baby. [mocking tone] “No we’ve got to have it because we don’t believe in abortion” We don’t believe in abortion but, my God, have some common sense.”

He tells Worship360, “These Republicans are also antagonistic toward women who find themselves in emotionally devastating situations as a result of rape. I don’t believe a woman should be forced to bring a child into the world if she has been raped by her father, or suffered the violent molestation of her body by a complete stranger.There are even times when a woman must decide to terminate because bearing a child would put her life in danger.

By no means am I supporting abortion! I’m definitely “pro-life” but there are certain situations that require careful examination and adjudication. You can’t “blanketly” decide! That’s going too far and it’s not the Kingdom way (God’s way).

At the same time, Democrats have become too liberal. Nothing is sin anymore! If nothing is sin anymore, “WHY” would we need Jesus?
We still acknowledge that it is Jesus who forgives us when we repent of our sins.

America has become arrogant! We ignore God’s Word, and we reject biblical morality. I can’t support what God condemns! God does not condone sexual sin. God does not agree with same sex marriage, adultery, fornication or polygamy.

While I understand that people have the right to make these choices; and while I agree that it is NOT my job to force anyone to stop anything, I do fully embrace my assignment to preach the Kingdom message!

Morton’s views on whether babies conceived in Rape deserve life would differ from rape conceived survivors like Juda Myers and Rebecca Kiessling among most pro-life people.

You can read stories of rape conception stories here.

When you support abortions for rape and incest what you are really saying is that children should die for the crimes of their fathers. I hope Bishop Morton will see what he is fully advocating and change his views to protect all children no matter what their father’s have done.

As stated very well by Life Dynamics president Mark Crutcher, “There is no such position as “pro-life with exceptions.” It is impossible to accurately label someone pro-life who approves killing certain groups of children such as those conceived in rape or incest. It is as illogical as someone in 1860 saying, ” I am an abolitionist but I believe slavery should be legal in some circumstances.” The only legitimate pro-life position is that an unborn child is morally equivalent to and has the same rights as a born child. When someone says they are pro-life but that abortion should be allowed in some circumstances, the question is whether they would support killing a five-year old in those same circumstances. The bottom line is that when someone says they are “pro-life with exceptions” what they are saying is that they support the “choice” to kill some babies (conceived in rape, handicapped, etc.) but oppose the “choice” to kill other babies. In other words, the only honest way to define that position is “pro-choice with exceptions.”

One Response to “Black Bishop abandoning Democrat Party still supports aborting children for crime of their fathers”

  1. It will not do much good. It is not the baby’s fault, so there.

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