PETA protests Sea World float

100 PETA supporters descended on the Tournament of Roses to protest Sea World’s “cruelty to orcas”. The animal rights group says that 19 of their memebers were arrested sitting down in front of the SeaWorld float.

It continues to amaze me how little children can be murdered/slaughtered in the womb and these people will focus on animals. I wonder what the media will say when Planned Parenthood is protested in parades.

PP Paradedownload

This blog has covered other publicity stunts by PETA in the past:

PETA Chain Baby-mmmain


One Response to “PETA protests Sea World float”

  1. All Gods animals are important.
    Unfortunately the prolife folks often don’t care about the suffering of animals and the PETA people are often pro abortion. If we could get together and be a strong force together and be for LIFE we could save the babies of all the species!!!!

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